Another Measure to Control Corruption in India

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Another measure to control corruption in india As per my previous article on corruption control measures, I am today discussing about another measure which can really help in controlling corruption. Well we Indians are blessed with various diversity and cultures. We as a whole have so many varieties of rituals and customs and religions that we make a whole world. Well besides having so much talent and diversity why we are poor? Why most of the population in India is illiterate and poor? Why poor is becoming poorer and rich is becoming richer? Is there any connection of poverty with corruption?

Well here also money is the only reason which creates corruption. People who are born in a middle class family have limited resources but still they enjoy life in an average mood. They work hard and they save there money and create some amount of comfort zone for themselves but still they wish to become rich as richness is a blessing. On the other hand poor or the ones below poverty line are living there life in hell. They have no resources, no life, they work like slaves and there is no hope in them, there life is worse than any pig and there is no comfort at all. Talking about rich, they enjoy branded clothing, luxury cars, great lifestyle, huge bungalows, parties, and casino; there life has only comfort and leisure.

Well sadly in India poverty wins with high majority , middle class on other hand is of limited majority and rich people are on the lowest majority scale. Well this condition cannot be changed easily as our narrow minded behavior will never consider a human as a human. The problem with Indian mentality is that they differentiate people on the basis of caste and community and this narrow minded mindset is at its peak stage, the lower cast people or tribes are not considered important in any manner. Although government has given lot of benefits and subsidies to the lower casts people in order to create a sense of.

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