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The Comanche Indian, who was famous to have ruled a large portion of land in Southern Plains, was known being more than a great horseman.  As one of the most historically significant Native in America, Comanche Indian initiated the buffalo culture and even now the name of the group implies Great Plains horses. They were great warriors and traders, too. During a tribal war, natives of this group used lances, bows, and arrows and they were employed with leather armor and thick body shield to protect their body.

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However, Comanche Indians were also feared by their neighbors because they tend to kidnapped and enslaved women and children from a rival tribe to be sold to the other group. Indeed, Comanche culture varied from any other culture in North America. In religion, this particular Indian group believed in good and bad spirits. During the praying and counseling time, the group would be gathered and would set up a pipe smoking ceremony in benefit and in honor for the Great Spirits.

 They also had a sun dance celebrated in regular intervals for the good spirits. However, Comanche culture does not have a lot of celebrated religious ceremonies and practices. (The Comanche www.warriors., n.d) Because of this, some say that Comanche religion was unsatisfactorily small in quantity. (Comanche www.mnsu., n.d)  However, they celebrate a vision quest for the young male Comanche, and they view this ritual as highly important. In this quest, a boy would be ready for a physical and spiritual cleansing wherein he would be meditating in a secluded place, pray for him to see a vision, maybe it like a form of animal or any being and would witness a “puha” or power, if he succeeded. This vision quest is basically a rite of passage for the young boys to be a great warrior. As he had approved to be one, a Great Dance would be given in his honor. If a man possessed a great “puha”, like for example when he has a great knowledge in medicine, the man would be honored and be named to be the medicine man.


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