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European Colonization on Native Americans – Comanche’s

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European Colonization on the Comanche Tribe European colonization had a big effect on the Comanche tribe and other Native Americans. Due to the introduction of many different things it changed the way they live, hunt and see things from their own perspective. In a way it is good that the Europeans found the Native Americans for our sake, as to the discovery of new foods, people etc but for the Comanche’s it wasn’t such a good thing.

The most shocking and unexpected effect that could have happened during colonization was the introduction of different diseases like smallpox, influenza, diphtheria and measles.

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European Colonization on Native Americans – Comanche’s
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Because the Comanche’s had never been familiarized to these diseases they had no resistance to them, so sadly many of them became ill and died as disease swept through their lands. Small things like guns, horses, alcohol and different tools that the Comanche’s were never aware of also had a big impact on their lives.

Horses and guns changed their way of hunting for food and getting around.

Since the cultural groups had been based on their method of survival, changing this changed the groupings so they slowly strayed away from their traditions and way of life. However The Comanche’s did come to be known as fantastic horseman so in a way the horses benefitted them. Unfortunately the European army and many settlers treated the Natives as nothing more than pests to be got rid of. Laws were introduced that forced the children into the European education system.

It was as if their aim was to deny the Comanche’s of their cultural identity. They encouraged Christianity and inconsiderately forced upon their way of life onto the Comanche’s and other tribes. The Comanche’s as well as numerous other tribes were used as slaves and treated poorly. The Comanche’s didn’t see land as belonging to one person. When the Europeans started to claim pieces of land and ban them from it, which started to cause many problems. They could no longer hunt or look for food in places they had always done so.

Fights over territories began to break out and they were starting to run low on food supply. Wars struck out between the Native Americans and Europeans which as well as disease, caused many deaths and injuries. They had no freedom, no civil rights and had to endure the last pieces of their culture being thrown away as the Europeans made themselves quite cozy on the Native American land, building homes, facilities, putting up rail lines and using the land to mine for gold etc.

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