Anti-Federalist vs. Federalist

Essential Question 1: When the constitution was ratified there revolved problems with the economy and social matters. Due to the parties of conservatism and liberalism; which Anthony Hamilton was centralized government and Thomas Jefferson was defense of populism, issues occurred. The importance of domestic and foreign affairs appeared in shaping American politics during the Federalist period. Complications that arose with domestic and foreign affairs were Bank of the US, Whiskey Tax, XYZ Affair, failure of Jay Treaty and Pinckney Treaty. Domestic affairs were important because making sure that America’s economy was in good terms.

One of the domestic affairs that transpired was the Bank of Us, known as BUS. The Bank of the US was so citizens would be able to deposit funds in a bank and know what was happening with their money. The real purpose was to influence Americans into investing with bonds, this way the US would be making money. The setback was not if the bank would be helpful but if it was unconstitutional. Congress felt that all the control over the bank should not just be under the centralized government and contradicted the Bill of Rights. With the “necessary and proper” the Bank of the US was accepted.

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Another domestic affair was the Whiskey Tax. During the 1790 whisky was a very important part of society. Whisky was used for everything including; wombs, dish-detergent, pains and aches, as well as a payment sometimes. So when Hamilton decided to tax whisky people were outraged. In result a rebellion occurred. It was minor rebel but had a great impact. To add with domestic affairs came foreign affairs. Foreign affairs were important as well because it influence the making of the political system. One foreign affair was the XYZ affair. The XYZ affair occurred when the French were stopping U. S merchant ships. New president John Adams wanted to try a peaceful route and sent a negotiation to France. When American found that the French government did not want to take the negotiation but instead insist on bribes, they were highly upset. The plan was to go to war with France to gain more land but in reality the U. S Army was not prepared. The failure of the Jay Treaty with England was another foreign affair that shaped the American politics during the Federalist period. Jay Treaty a loyalist went to England on behalf of America to come to terms with a few disagreements.

After a few issues the treaty was signed preventing war. The treaty established rights to British damage of American ships and provided rights to trade in the West Indies. Lastly the Pinckney Treaty with Spain was another foreign affair. The treaty was very successful. It established a bond with Spain and gave America use of the Mississippi River and port of New Orleans. In conclusion the domestic and foreign affairs were exceptionally needed aspects in shaping American politics during the Federalist period. Having centralized or populism government was in debate and problems with France and Spain were also in the air.

The domestic and foreign affairs help America move on to build a stable government. Essential 2:With the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1789 in effect many issues revealed. The Alien and Sedition Act seemed to oppose to the Constitution. But with the Federalist seeming to be the “top dogs” they showed to it be reasonable. Some of the many controversies of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1789 resulted in producing Federalist to revolt against Democratic- Republicans and increase powers as well as it allowed one political party to believe they were in more control by eliminating the other.

The Alien and Sedition Act of 1789 were to overall not allow people to criticize the government in the press. Many of the judges and Supreme Court was filled with a majority of Federalist, so usually it was a bias vote when it came to decisions. The Democratic-Republicans often known as the democratic Jeffersonians were not supportive of the Alien and Sedition Act and believed it was unconstitutional. Yet with the Federalist in control the minds of the Jeffersonians were pushed aside. The Federalist Party was slowly but surely taking over and while many converted to the Democratic- Republicans after this act they had good support.

It seemed that the Federalist had too much power and were very devious people. The frustration of the citizens just seemed to strengthen them as well Another issued that revealed due to the Alien and Sedition Act of 1789 was the Federalist trying to take over and kick the other political party out. The Federalist Party tried to take control and kick the Democratic-Republicans out by passing law that would limit the Democratics from certain choices. The Naturalization Act for instance was a law passed that Federalist knew for sure Democratic-Republicans would not agree with.

Many immigrants were pro Democratic-Republican because they were more open to opinions. There for the Acts was to make the years of requirement for U. S citizenship longer. The Federalist thought that if they could make the Democratic-Republicans hand over their supremacy than they will have all the control. To conclude, the Federalist Party were very dominant people who wanted to be in control and the Alien and Sedition Act of 1789 was just one way of doing that. They wanted to increase their power, as well as eliminate the other party: The Democratic-Republicans.

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