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Community Anti-Drug Programs

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Сommunity Anti-Drug Programs


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Community Anti-Drug Programs
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            The composition of this paper will dwell on the topic of Community Anti-Drug Programs. Hence, this will focus in determining the characteristics of such Anti-Drug program as to how this would work in the community. This study is up to provide a general information about the significance of Anti-Drug program in the community. Moreover, the study holds on the purpose of rendering comprehensive details as to how such Anti-Drug prevention program would help the society in campaigning against drugs.

In addition to this, this will give a clear rationale of the major stakeholders and its participation to the program.

The following will be discussed:

Brief background of Community Anti-Drug programs
Primary application of the program
Significance of the program
How to Start A Community Anti Drug Program
Participation of major stakeholders
At the end of the paper, it would intend to determine the importance of such Anti-Drug program in the community as to how this could help the community in campaigning against drugs. Nonetheless, this would intend to provide a factual information of how to start a community anti-drug program that could be used in aid to protect the community from such issue. More significantly, this would mean to present better understanding of public participation in the program.

Brief background of Community Anti-Drug programs

            Community Anti-Drug Program, one of drug prevention methods that focuses in a certain society or group of people (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.). As such, community anti-drug prevention program is a joint society effort that is composed of diverse group of people coming from different sectors of community (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.). Moreover, such anti-drug prevention program is the consolidation of social power, energy, experience, influence and passion in oath to accordingly address drug issues in the community (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.). In addition to this, this program could also be used for other social problems like substance of alcohol and other medicines (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.).

            Moreover, community anti-drug program serves as the formulated strategies that aims to properly address drug addiction or substance abuse problem (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.). This entails drug intervention, prevention, aftercare, treatment, and law enforcement (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.). However, the main focus for this program is prevention and protection of society to such drug abuse (“Drug-Free Communities Support (DFC) Program,” n.d.).

            Furthermore, the effectiveness of such program is proven and results to the creation of change in the community  (Grabmeier, n.d.). With the proper implementation of the program, such drug abuse problem would be addressed accordingly  (Grabmeier, n.d.). In a study of 32 schools in 16 communities across the United States, results shows that such anti-drug program is efficient in lowering down by half the figure of students that is used to take drugs like marijuana and other substance like alcohol  (Grabmeier, n.d.). In a sense, the program would be more effective by means of utilizing stimulating campaign materials such as – colorful posters, tray liners, water bottles, T-shirts, promotional items such as book covers,  rulers and lanyards (Grabmeier, n.d.).

Significance of the program

            One of the significance of the the program is that it increases citizen participation and empowers the community anti-drug campaign (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.). Hence, such program is important in lowering down the rate of drug abuse among youth in communities (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.). In addition to this, the said program is significant as well in decreasing the number of drug abuse among adults (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.). Nonetheless, the continuous decline of drug addiction rate in the community is a reliable ground in establishing the importance of such program (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.).

            Community anti-drug program is significant in making the people knowledgeable and aware about the harmful effect of drug addiction in the society (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.). The program is known to help the public maintain a healthy society, one that is aware and free from any detrimental effect of drug addiction (“CADCA’s National

 Coalition Institute

,” n.d.).

            Moreover, this designed anti-drug program is set to achieve the goal of preventing and protecting the society against the harmful implications of drugs. More appropriately, it illuminates the cases of drug abuse in the society (“Take Action Against Drug Abuse,” n.d.). Nonetheless, such drug prevention program is significant in saving the lives of many people against the possibilities of becoming drug addicts or dependents (Murguia et al, 2007).

How to Start A Community Anti Drug Program

            It is considered that serving the community against any detrimental forces is one of the most important action people could do (Health Editor, n.d.). Hence, starting an anti drug program would be a lot helpful to make a drug free community and save the public from the risk of drug abuse (Health Editor, n.d.). In a sense, starting such community drug prevention program is a lot easier than anyone would think (Health Editor, n.d.). With the desire and willingness to enforce such program incorporated with ample time plus dedication, outcome of such are absolutely worthy of all the effort exerted in oath to protect the society (Health Editor, n.d.).

            There are eight easy steps to start an effective community anti-drug program that would be used in aid to protect the society against the harm of drug abuse (Health Editor, n.d.). The following are the comprehensive instructions:

Find out if the targeted community has an existing drug prevention program already and if so, seek the better ways to join (Health Editor, n.d.).
Know more about the reality of drug abuse. Determine its detrimental effect to the lives of people and in the community (Health Editor, n.d.). Locating this answers would make the program more effective in its purpose of helping people with regard to drugs (Health Editor, n.d.).
Cite reliable organization websites like the Drug Abuse Resistance Education or better known as D.A.R.E. and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (Health Editor, n.d.). Use this two reputable organization as references in designing a version of community anti-drug program (Health Editor, n.d.).
Specify the special features of the intended drug prevention program (Health Editor, n.d.).
Study and review the desired anti-drug program and prepare all the needed materials to be utilized (Health Editor, n.d.).
Disseminate fliers to people in the community, coordinate local schools to distribute the materials such as posters, and brochures intended for the program (Health Editor, n.d.).
Organize constant forum which focuses in giving definite information about drugs and its proper usage (Health Editor, n.d.). Utilized the importance of former drug addicts or dependents that have undergone series of recovery treatments to share their story and inspire other people with their experiences (Health Editor, n.d.).
Spread the message by producing community assemblies and organizing events that would invite a lot of people. With this, the spreading the intended message would be done (Health Editor, n.d.).

Participation of major stakeholders

            There are different stakeholders that may be involved in an anti-drug campaign program for it to achieve its goals and be considered as a successful one. The tripartite cooperation that may be solicited from the government, the civil society, and the businesses is considered to be an essential tool in the delivery of social services (“Civil society and governance programs,” n.d.). The anti-drug campaigns prove to be of no exception to this.

            More importantly, there are different roles that the government plays for they are the primary vehicles that serve in the delivery of the social services needed by the society (Tauber, 1994).

            The partnership between the public and the private sphere utilizes the overlap of the two to be a very successful means in delivering the programs because the private sphere is able to contribute their capabilities (“Partnership for a drug-free mobile,” n.d.).

            The civil society would also play their part as collective involvement proves to be important but still takes a small share of the pie in terms of participation (“Anti-drug campaign uses Ronaldinho as comic book character,” n.d.). This is to be enhanced as community proves to have the different sets of norms that determine the behavior of the individuals. The citizens are likewise involved because of the forces that they have with regard to these norms and with the voluntary participation that they have with regard to these civic activities.


            With the above facts and information mentioned above, it is fair enough to say that such anti-drug program is an effective method in fighting the issue of drug addiction in the community. Hence, the data shows that implementation of this drug prevention program is necessary to prevent further deterioration of drug issues in the society. Moreover, the design programmed to fight against drug issue is clearly reliable in protecting the people and society from further adverse effect of such social problem. Nonetheless, this is intended to strengthen the participation of the public to strengthen the effectiveness of community campaign against drug problems. Nonetheless, voluntary participation of the  general public is essential to make the program more effective to achieve the specific goal, which centers in prevention and protection of community against the predicaments of drugs.


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Take Action Against Drug Abuse. (1994). Diane Publishing House


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Community Anti-Drug Programs. (2016, Sep 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/community-anti-drug-programs/

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