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Summary of the Federalist Papers

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The Federalist Papers #70 summary The federalist paper number 70 was Mitten by Alexander Hamilton and was discussing the idea of having more than one president at the same time. There were many different side to this topic and both sides had very strong points to them. One side was that we should never have only one person with all the power because in Rome they all became dictators. Having one president could threaten our government as a whole and inspire people to try and over through our one president.

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Summary of the Federalist Papers
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Having two presidents wasn’t the answer to every problem though. People would argue that with two presidents there could be differences in opinion that would slow down the executive branch trot doing its job. Hamilton thought that having one single president the most ideal way to govern a nation. He believed that it you had a strong executive branch that kept the president in line that the problem of a dictatorship would never be a problem.

Hamilton then discusses how to keep a strong executive by keeping its embers united and supportive of each other so they keep their efficiency and control. Hamilton supported his ideas with roman history and how they tried to kept things in order with only one leader, he just made minor corrections to the flaws in their system. Hamilton also gave reasons why the government would fail with two leaders just like it did in Rome. In conclusion the federalist discussed that one leader was the way Hamilton thought would make a strong united government that worked together and runs smoothly.

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