Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Diagnostic Characteristics of Disorder

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Antisocial Personality Disorder
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            People, in order to be called normal, are following what they so-called norms - Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay introduction. A person that has such antisocial personality disorder does not follow these kinds of norms in their society, they can not keep friends for long, they don’t consider other’s opinions and even rights, and they are also discouraged through fear in having relationships.

            This disorder caused them to do crimes that they would not be sorry of in the end, most of the time they are violent and they do such things without thinking what its effects is. People with this kind of disorder may know how others feel towards them but they do not really care, they only think about their own good. Many people with this kind of disorder were not able to experience the life of companionship and any mutual relationship pleasures(“Antisocial Personality Disorder”).

Behavior and Problems

            People with antisocial disorder are experiencing problems such as being so bored, they also feel too much irritability, they are also under the psychosomatic symptoms, and do pathological gambling that caused them to be visibly disturbed.

            Person with this disorder are also having a behavior that caused them to abuse any substance and alcohols.

            These persons are kind of moody; they are suffering from different kinds of moods. They also tend to feel anxiety disorders.

            Children with this disorder often sense a deficiency in attention. People with this kind of psychological problem are prone in committing suicide and doing violence to themselves or to people rather than them(“Antisocial Personality Disorder”).

Treatments and Therapy techniques

            Psychotherapy, it is focused on how a therapist should help the individual to comprehend the means and deeds of his or her disorder so that the individual could be able to help himself and be able to control his own behavior.

Cognitive Therapy, this therapy tends to show the patient how his behavioral disorder started, how he made his own problems, and help him to understand how he could not view himself as others see and perceive his behavioral attitude. The therapist would set a list of guide that will involve the patient including the entire patient’s participation in any activity inside and out of the clinic office.

For treatments, patients should be guided to participate in a meeting for a alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous or even cocaine addict anonymous for those who have disorders that tends to abuse the following drugs stated. For those who suffer from pathological gambling, they should be required to attend gambling anonymous(Donald Black).


            According to the statistical research in America, there are about an approximate number of 20.9 million American adults which is about 9.5 percent of the population of America are suffering from mood disorder. About 2.4 million or 1.1 percent of the population suffers from schizophrenia or those with dual personality.

            There are 18.1 percent or approximately 40 million of the population has anxiety disorder: these considers panic disorder with the number of 6 million Americans or about 2.7 percent of the population, Obsessive-compulsiveness which includes 2.2 million Americans or about 1.0 percent, PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder that counts about 7.7 million or 3.5 percent, GAD or generalized anxiety disorder includes 6.8 million or about 3.1 percent of population, and lastly the social phobia that counted about 15 million or 6.8 percent of the American population.

            There are also other disorders which are included in anti-social disorder such as: attention deficit disorder this disorder counted about 4.1 percent of the population who suffers under it, autism which estimated about 3.4 cases from about 1000 children, and Alzheimer’s disease that affected an estimated number of 4.5 million Americans which has been more than the number counted by the statistic researches during the year 1980s (“The Numbers Count: Mental Disorders in America”).

Sample cases

Angela started to move away from the people around her, a suspicion grew on her mind that something is not right about herself; she started suffering from schizophrenia during her age of 21,she was then still studying in a university. She got out by then at the school because a lot of things had changed about her like she begun to have difficulties constructing a simple sentence and can’t do her assignments as well.

She have had her first psychotic experience when she went out with some of her friends for a walk and there she saw a helicopter, she begun thinking that the helicopter was then spying on her. She said it was scaring and then the symptoms and paranoia then started.

The symptoms that stroked her were first seen and recognized by her university mates, then her school faculty, then the strangers in the streets and then her family. There came a time that she also felt like she’s a Queensland, she even thought of going out of the country, she then felt that the whole world conspires against her.

She was told comments that she thought was all negative and begun crying for as long as nons-stoping span of three days,

She was told to go for medication and or treatments that she thought were just the likes of the people around her and just a part of the conspiracies that was set upon her. She thought that she could either take the medications or continue living the way she currently did by then but the fact that she can no longer stand her situation made her accept doing the treatments. After a short month period of one, she started being fine and until then she was cured.

Now Angela as a thirty year-old women who fought for her sanity and are now doing fine with her life has a good career and is happy with the job she’s into(“Fragmented Minds, Part 1”).

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