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Appeal letter for USC

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Appeal letter for USC
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Dear (the name you are appealing to)

My name is ____, I’m from ____. I’m writing this letter of appeal because in spite of my huge desire and exertion to study economics in USC College I was denied. I know that USC is one of the most excellent and appropriate colleges for study of economics. And these are not mere words to gain your favour but my persuasion about USC College.

Before choosing an education institution for my further study I scrutinized all good institutions and realised that USC College is the best of the best. After realising this I devoted all my efforts for getting proper knowledge to enter this college. But unfortunately I was denied and now I sincerely ask you to revise my rejection and give me an opportunity to proof people and probably to me that I can reach the best results in study and then in a social activity.

I hope that the following information will help you to understand my situation. In the past, I believed that I could not distinguish myself in academics and sports. I was satisfied with being “average.” I saw studying only as a social requirement; my academic work did not give meaning to my life. When I first came to the United States, I did not work especially hard, as I planned to finish college and go back to Korea. In summer 2003, I dropped two of my classes. My parents were terribly disappointed in me, and they sent me to help my cousin Jason in his jewellery shop. This experience would transform my personality and outlook.

When Jason offered me a part-time position in his store in Augusta, Georgia, I found myself in the first job of my life. I learned the basics of retail sales quickly, but I struggled to communicate with customers because I couldn’t speak English fluently. They couldn’t understand me, and I had trouble interpreting their Southern dialect. I often misunderstood customers’ requests; I wrote down the wrong sizes, and I ordered the wrong rings. When I learned that a customer had made an angry complaint about my English, I was shocked and very disappointed. I felt like a failure, and I was suddenly desperate to go home. When I talked with my cousin about my feelings, he urged me to change my attitude. He insisted that if I left the United States, I would be a loser. Each day after that, my cousin and I practiced English conversation and selected fifty new vocabulary words for me to memorize. I began to read more literature and my world turned out. I realised that education is the richest thing a person can have. The understanding that education is unadorned purposeful transmition of knowledge from generation to generation to the learners with a goal to prepare them for further activity the society requires changed the purposes of my life fundamentally. At the same time, I became very interested in economics. I am continually fascinated by the ways that economics applies directly to everyday situations. Even though my successes have not been the result of pure luck, these life-changing events have felt to me. Even though I did not become completely fluent in English after I developed a passion for studying, my efforts were rewarded when I began to “outgrow” my fear of talking with Americans. I have also gained the ability to make calm assessments of my skills and think about how I can improve. After applying to the school I took anthropology, English, music, history and calculus. Unfortunately, I did not have clear goals two years ago. Because of difficulties with English and lack of purposefulness my grade was not sufficiently high: I had C from English and chemistry. However, today I got A from anthropology, B from English and the main thing – I have clear goals in my mind. Also I dropped calculus to better it in the summer. I could pass it but I want to show my improvement, and I will do my best to get A for it. It cost me tremendous efforts to become the person I am now. But without your help, your perfect teachers, educational strategies and strong background that your college presents for students it will be very difficult for me to make my dream about perfect economic education a reality. I understand that I am as many other persons asking your help and that is why I wrote sheer truth about me and my efforts to become well-educated person. I ask you to think of me as the person whose fortune is entirely in your hands.


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