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International Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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The United States of America has a long history of support for international criminal justice that can be traced from the Nürnberg War Crimes Trial through to the International Criminal Tribunals for Yugoslavia (“ICTY”) and Rwanda (“ICTR”). [1] Towards the close of the century, the United States proved itself as an ardent supporter for the…

Francis Galton : Fingerprinters

Criminal Justice

Criminal Law

Words: 304 (2 pages)

Francis Henry Galton’s contribution was the one that published “Fingerprints,” a book that has helped lead us to the use of fingerprinting for identification. This book was published in 1892. The use of fingerprinting has helped the forensics world a lot with finding those who have committed a crime or even the victim, if unknown….

Criminal Law Case Digests

Criminal Law

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LAW 109 : CRIMINAL LAW 1 DIGESTS SECRETARY OF JUSTICE v. LANTION [322 SCRA 160 (2000)] Nature: Petition for review of a decision of the Manila RTC Facts: On June 18, 1999 the Department of Justice received from the Department of Foreign Affairs a request for the extradition of private respondent Mark Jimenez to the…

Criminal Law: Use of Narcotics

Criminal Law

Words: 751 (4 pages)

Traci White-Jones Criminal Law Asst #1 MEMORANDUM QUESTION PRESENTED In Robinson v. California, 370 U. S. 660 (1962), the Supreme Court ruled that a law may not punished a status; i. e. , one may not be punished to being an alcoholic or for being addicted to drugs. However, of course, one may be punished…

Criminal Law Assessment Paper

Criminal Law

Words: 829 (4 pages)

Criminal Law Assessment Paper Nicole Mazurkiewicz CJA/343 Graham Quisenberry July 12, 2010 This paper will present an assessment of Criminal Law. The paper will discuss sources and purposes of criminal law. Some of the topics that will be discussed will be, explain jurisdiction to create and enforce criminal law, the adversarial system and what standards…

Codification of the Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Words: 668 (3 pages)

The codification of the Criminal Code has marked a watershed on Australian legal jurisprudence. In this essay I will discuss the problems that may occur when interpreting the Criminal Code (The Code), the creation of uniformity and the also accessibility that the Code creates. The Criminal Code WA is a piece of legislation that has…

Legal Pluralism in Criminal Law: An International Perspective

Criminal Law

Words: 3020 (13 pages)

Aboriginal Customary Law Legal Pluralism in Criminal Law: An International Perspective      In the United States, customary laws of the indigenous Indians are not explicitly recognised in criminal laws of federal or states law.[1] There is instead an indirect recognition of customary laws through the “recognition of tribal sovereignty and the separation from the federal…

Criminal Law VS Civil Law

Criminal Law

Words: 727 (3 pages)

A tort actions is a form of civil law, which are intentional tort, torts of negligence, and strict liability torts, the vast majority of legal issues in the United State involve this, such as divorce, child custody, child support, domestic dispute, consumer problems, defamation, and injuries due to a person by another person. You can…

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