Appeal fo read mission

        My name is Dalia Alkarnous and recently I receive a letter informing me that I have been dismissed from the college due to my poor academic performance this past semester. I am writing this letter to formally request readmittance into the college and to explain the circumstances which have led to my difficulties this year.

            The circumstances surrounding my poor academics this past semester all deal with personal issues on my part. This was my first semester alone in the United States and I did not have any friends or family whom I could turn to for support and companionship. Also, my mother had a back surgery back home and I was going through a very emotional time as I couldn’t be there with her. This disconnection from my family and the lack of emotional support here led to me being extremely depressed and emotionally distraught. I just could not bring myself to attend classes and without any friends to lean on, my academic career was the first thing to suffer. In high school I was an A-student and am capable of succeeding in college if I was given a second chance.

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            My plan to get myself back on track academically is to seek out assistance from the various resources that are provided by the college. I am willing to meet up with a counselor to discuss my emotional issues. I would be happy to speak to my professors and an academic advisor on a regular basis to gauge my progress and take up any academic concerns I have with them. Keeping my mind on my academic goals will be an important part of my plan. I will attend all of my classes and keep up with the work required. If I ever have trouble with a course, I know that I can seek out help in the form of tutoring from the LRC. Overall, I am willing to do anything in order to help myself get back on track and to ensure that I will not let myself, and others, down again.

            This process has taught me that there are resources available on campus that can help me achieve my goals. I do not have to deal with stressful and sad things in my life alone, I can seek out help from counselors and tutors who can help me learn how to deal with my issues and succeed in my classes. I have learned that I do not need to do everything by myself, that I am not alone because I have many people at the college who want to see me succeed. I ask that you please consider my appeal carefully and I apologize for not seeking out these resources before now. If I am given a second chance, I will work extremely hard to make my classes a priority.

Sincerely, Dalia Alkarnous


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