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Argumentative Essays

What is the best solution to a more successful future? This question is in the minds of many students and parents. In my opinion, I think that attending a public school is a better solution than attending a private school. This choice is affected greatly by the overall performance, capabilities of the student and the financial budget of the parent. There are advantages and disadvantages of both private and public schools.
The main advantage of attending a public school is that you get much less competition and stress than attending a private school. However, the drawbacks are that a public school generally has a lower standard of education than a private school’s. While that seems like a vital disadvantage compared to the private school, I think that having a lower standard of education than a private school’s might be for the better. With a lower standard of education than a private school’s, public school students will have to work harder to succeed, which builds perseverance and determination. These two traits are, in my opinion, essential to a successful and secure future.
The advantages of attending a private school is that private schools have a better level of education, and more intelligent,diligent students than a public school. However, that might lead to a disadvantage as students might transform to be lazy and uncooperative. The disadvantages of a private school is that since there is so much competition among students, attending a private school might result in illness, suicide, or other sorts of physical and mental harm.
In conclusion, since there are much more and vital evidence that support going to a public school rather than going to a private school, both parents and students can be assured that going to a public school is the better solution for a better future.

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