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Aromatherapy Experiment Research Paper Aromatherapy is

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Aromatherapy Experiment Essay, Research Paper

Aromatherapy is said to work admirations on organic structure, head and psyche. By using indispensable oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruits this signifier of therapy claims to transport many benefits and are turning in popularity. But is this true? Can aromas truly carry a individual? To reply these inquiries I conducted an experiment with college pupils at the University of Iowa to happen out if one s smell sense truly does play a larger function than expected.

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Aromatherapy Experiment Research Paper Aromatherapy is
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To make so, I set up an experiment using the aroma of Mentha piperita that claims to hold effects on an single s watchfulness. My experiment consisted of 100 University of Iowa Students whom were indiscriminately selected. I randomly chose the pupils by traveling to a assortment of talk halls in order to roll up a diverse group of pupils with different instruction backgrounds in order to guarantee I didn t prejudice my experiment by proving merely one type of pupil ( i.

e. concern, chemical science, theatre, communicating ) . They were instructed to get at McBride Hall where the experiment would take topographic point. Before the pupils arrived at McBride Hall I placed pieces of paper on the seats that had a little sum of solid oil on them. One-half of the oils were Mentha piperita scented and the other half had no aroma at all, they were dispersed indiscriminately on the seats. This would move as my independent variable. I instructed them to non talk to others near them and to pass over a little sum of the oil under their olfactory organ. Following, I played an informational movie on Caving. I chose Caving because it is non a popular subject and would most probably be new information for the bulk of the pupils. After the movie, I instructed the pupils to make under their seats where a short quiz was prepared for them, on the movie they merely watched, and asked them to make full it out to the best of their ability. I had discretely marked the quizzes with a ruddy point in the corners of the quizzes of that pupil were given peppermint oil so that I would be able to distinguish the quizzes when I collected them. As they finished, I collected the quizzes, thanked them for take parting and dismissed them. Now it was clip for me to rate the quizzes to see if the Mentha piperita oil had any consequence on their watchfulness through the movie. The classs would be my dependent variable in this experiment. I would mensurate the classs by observing the figure of inquiries correct. I had hypothesized that there would be no difference in the quiz classs between those pupils who had the Mentha piperita oil and those who were given the unscented oil. This is the information I collected: Harmonizing to this information my hypothesis, that there would be no difference in the quiz classs between those pupils who had the Mentha piperita oil and those who were given the unscented oil, was wrong. The information I collected clearly disproves my anticipation. The bulk of the high tonss were attained by those with the Mentha piperita stimulation whereas the bulk of the low tonss were attained by those pupils who were non stimulated. There were a T

otal of 18 pupils who answered 15 out of 15 of the inquiries correct. 88 % of those pupils were stimulated by the Mentha piperita oil. On the other manus, 88 % of the pupils who received 8 out of 15 of the inquiries correct were non stimulated by the Mentha piperita oil. This information and statistics makes it evident and allows me to reason that the Mentha piperita oil does in fact stimulate the watchfulness of a individual.

After carry oning this experiment I found myself inquiring more inquiries about the truth behind aromatherapy, specifically the effects of Mentha piperita oil. I wanted to happen out if peppermint oil was the lone factor that caused that group to hold higher quiz tonss. I set up a correlational survey to find whether or non gender played a function in the result of my informations. It was possible that gender played a function in the effects of aromatherapy and if there was an unequal sum of male and female topics in each group which could hold effected the information. The correalational version of my survey began the same manner as my first, by rounding up 100 random University of Iowa pupils. This clip I separated the 100 pupils into 4 groups: Group # 1- females w/o peppermint oil ; Group # 2- females w/ peppermint oil, Group # 3- males w/o peppermint oil ; Group # 4- males with peppermint oil. I hypothesized that the females would be more stimulated by the Mentha piperita oil more than the males and hence acquire better tonss on the quiz. After carry oning the experiment in the same manner as before I graded the quizzes and rounded up my informations. I found that all around both genders did better on the quiz if they had peppermint oil stimulation, yet the female s high tonss were higher than the male s high mark, therefore turn outing my hypothesis that females are more accomplished by the odor. From this correlational version of my survey I was able to causally reason that females must hold more sensitive olfactive nervousnesss, leting them to be more stimulated by the effects of the Mentha piperita oil. Yet this causal decision would necessitate to be farther researched earlier considered a fact because an immaterial variable could be doing the adult females to hold better quiz tonss. An immaterial variable such as trial accomplishments. It is possible that the ground why the females acceled over the males is because they are in general better trial takers. Which would intend that although the Mentha piperita oil did increase watchfulness and do better trial tonss ; the effects of aromatherapy has no greater consequence on one gender compared to the other. In decision, my experiment was a success. I clearly proved in my first experiment that aromatherapy is true, specifically the effects of the aroma of Mentha piperita on watchfulness. Furthermore, from this experiment I found more inquiries being asked in my caput that lead me to a correlational survey affecting the effects of aromatherapy on males and females. Yet I can non reason anything solid from this survey because of immaterial variables that might hold skewed my informations, it merely leaves room for more experimenting to take topographic point to happen out more replies!

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