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Array Structure Proposal

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Advanced Eyecare is an optometrist office that is looking to implement an appointment notification program. This program will allow the optometrist office to automatically notify the patients of upcoming appointments through a telephone call. This paper will describe the array structure needed in the program in order to properly run the program. Along with describing how the array structure will be utilized, this paper will also provide the pseudo-code that the program will use. Once the pseudo-code is described, there will also be a flowchart, provided from Visual Logic, which shows the operation of the coding after being tested.

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Array Structure Proposal
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Array Structure Proposal

Advanced Eyecare is an optometrist office located in Connecticut. The lead doctor of the office, Dr. Elizabeth McMunn, has requested a program to notify her patients of upcoming appointments to be designed and implemented at her office. This program is to collect patient data, such as telephone number, email address, appointment date and time. When the appointment day is 24 hours away, this program will then call the patient with the appointment information.

The phone call will repeat every hour until the patient has acknowledged the phone call through a touch-tone acknowledgement program. This paper will describe the array structure of one aspect of the program. This array structure will be needed to ensure the programs proper operation.

Array Structure Purpose and Use

In order for this program to perform its intended function of contacting all the patients regarding their upcoming appointment, information regarding these patients needs to be gathered. Each patient will have his or her name, phone number, email, and appointment type recorded into the program. The recording of the patient’s information will need to utilize a section of programming known as arrays. An array is a collection of variables of the same type and referenced by the same name (PRELUDE). Due to the fact that all of a single patient’s information will be gathered for that individual, the use of parallel arrays will be ultimately how the program maintains the patient’s information. A parallel array is an array of the same size in which elements with the same subscripts are related (PRELUDE). In other words, a parallel array is multiple single arrays that can act as one array. Their elements are linked to the others to describe a certain concept within the program. Parallel arrays let the user store multiple pieces of information for a particular subject. This certain concept for this program will be the patient. Each variable, such as phone number, email and appointment type, is a single array that will be synchronized in order to index the data from each patient. Indexing the data allows the ability to pull up the information whenever it is needed.

Pseudo-Coding To Be Used In Array Structure

The following list of pseudo-coding provides examples of the type of coding that will be used in the program:
arrNames[0] = “John Smith”;
arrPhoneNumbers[0] = “123-555-6677”;
arrEmail[0] = “[email protected]”;
arrAppointmentType[0] = “Routine Checkup”;
arrNames[1] = “Jane Doe”;
arrPhoneNumbers[1] = “234-555-1111”;
arrEmail[1] = “[email protected]”;
arrAppointmentType[1] = “Eye Glass Fitting”
Visual Logic Flowchart

In this section an image will be provided of the Visual Logic program that shows how the array structure will be utilized within this program. The purpose of the array structure is to collect and store a patient’s information in order to be retrieved at a later time and date. This will also allow for the program to access the patient’s information in order to properly notify the patient of his or her upcoming appointment.

Advanced Eyecare will be utilizing an automated notification program to alert patients of an upcoming appointment. This program will incorporate many different program functions in order to operate properly. One very important aspect that this program will need to incorporate is the use of arrays and parallel arrays. The use of arrays will collect the patient’s name, phone number, email and appointment type. Pseudo-coding of this program has been provided. A Visual Logic program image of how the program will function has also been provided. This program will allow Advanced Eyecare to improve business and efficiency with everyday operations. The incorporation of this program will also allow a better piece of mind for the patients as well.

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