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Hokusai is said to have used a live chicken’s footprints in a painting that communicated ______.
the sensations of a fall day by the river
Frederic Church’s painting Niagara is a vehicle for expressing the artist’s thoughts about ______.
the expansion and development of America

the beauty of the American landscape

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God’s support for the country

Western artists since the Renaissance have usually considered ______ to be the highest forms of art.
sculpture and painting
During his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh ______.

practiced as an artist for only ten years
Traditionally, artists in China learned their craft by ______.
copying the work of a great master
Stolen art loses much of its value because ______
lacking good title and proper provenance prevents its resale
African masks displayed in museums were originally made ______.
to be worn during spiritual or magic ceremonies
Art is sometimes censored by the authorities because:
it offends people’s religious beliefs

its sexual content seems pornographic

it carries a political message that worries the authorities

its moral values seem improper

The artist Ai Weiwei was censored in China because:
he created an artwork based on the destruction of a school during an earthquake in China because of shoddy construction.

The term Formal Analysis can refers to:
the color and shape of a work of art; patterns in artwork; the size of the work of art; their arrangement of visual elements
quiz 2:
A two-dimensional object is called a shape, and a three-dimensional object is known as a ________.
These four visual elements of art—form, volume, mass, and texture—are present in ________ works of art.
Forms such as pyramids, which tend to be precise and regular, are known as ________ forms.
A three-dimensional surface that is designed to be viewed from only one direction is known as a ________.
To imply greater depth, the sculptor who created the relief carvings on the outside of the Ara Pacis Augustae carved the figures in the ________ more deeply than those that are in the background, in order to make them stand out more.
This type of relief, which takes its name from the French word for low, does not imply great depth.
A sculpture designed in the round can be viewed from ________.
nearly every angle
The element of art that defines the amount of space occupied by an object is ________.
________ volume is a space that is enclosed by materials that are not entirely solid.
an open
Because a form exists in “real” space we can experience it not only visually, but also through the sense of ________.
When we touch an object we experience a tactile sensation that artists refer to as ________ texture.
By using ________ texture to contradict previous tactile experience, artists can invite viewers to reconsider the world around them.
If vertical lines communicate strength, horizontals calm, and diagonals action, then a vacation resort might want to choose a logo consisting of ________ lines in order to show peaceful repose.
The sphere that designer Saul Bass created for the AT&T logo is not defined by a continuous boundary. This type of shape, which can be suggested by dots or lines that do not connect, is termed ________ shape.
an implied
An empty space defined by its surround is known as ________ shape.
a negative
Line can define space by _____________.
creating texture

indicating the edge of a 2-d shape or 3-d form

creating value

The element of art that most effectively describes the solidity of form of the Olmec heads is the concept of volume.
What element of art is most appropriate for describing the empty space within an interior of an architectural form.
High relief projects out from the background fairly significantly where as facade relief is a kind of relief that only sticks out a tiny little bit.
Shepard Fairey uses which of the following concepts as a strong component of his graphically painted images.
Contrasting negative and positive shape
Implied lines can be created with dots, dashes or even letters lined up in a row to give the impression of continuous lines.
Line can be use for which of the following?
create surface quality

suggest direction

describe boundaries

imply movement

Which of the listed concepts seems most suitable for creating a calm, restful or placid quality?
horizontal lines
Vertical lines seem to be most suitable for portraying which of the following subject matter.
A group portrait of the members of a Police Department
quiz 3:
Detective movies of the 1940s were filmed in such dark tones they were referred to as film noir. Filmmakers chose these dark values to enhance the ________ mood of the movies.
Artists can create a sense of ________ by using light and dark values.
This method of applying value to a two-dimensional artwork in order to create the illusion of three-dimensional solid form is called ________.
The chiaroscuro method uses five defined values: cast shadow, reflected light, core shadow, light, and ________.
The French artist Pierre-Paul Prud’hon created chiaroscuro by using ________ chalk on paper.
black and white
The process of using a series of parallel lines set close to one another to differentiate planes of value in a work of art is called ________.
Hatching and cross-hatching use two-dimensional lines to communicate ________ depth.
In order to create value in his drawing Head of a Satyr, Michelangelo used both hatching and ________, a variation where the lines overlap, allowing for the depiction of darker tones.
When using a series of squares that are exactly the same shape, implied depth can be achieved by ________.
– alternating value
-relative size
– overlapping
– relative position
One method used to establish depth in Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Shore at Kanagawa (below) involves placing shapes higher or lower on the page. This process for creating depth is called ________.
relative position
An artist can use color to indicate depth. When a color is very pure and intense then it seems to be ________.
When objects are far away they lack contrast, detail, and sharpness of focus because of the interference of air. Artists take advantage of this when they use the process called:
atmospheric perspective
This system, which derives its name from the Greek meaning “equal measure,” uses diagonal parallel lines to communicate depth.
isometric perspective
This is the system for creating an illusion of depth using three basic components: horizon line, vanishing point, and convergence lines.
linear perspective
The medieval Arabic scholar Alhazen used a camera obscura, a device that later helped artists to understand the basic tenets of linear perspective. Camera obscura is a Latin phrase. What is the closest English translation?
dark room
A Summer Shower by the British artist Edith Hayllar employs linear perspective to create depth. The painting contains imaginary sightlines that converge toward a single vanishing point. These lines are also called ________.
One-point perspective does convey depth, but it has limited applications due to its reliance on a single ________.
vanishing point
If an artist were to draw a figure whose arm was pointing directly toward the viewer, what technique would the artist have to use when drawing the outstretched arm?
This object can be used to separate white light into the colors of the spectrum.
This is the most vivid element of art and design.
The traditional primary colors are ________.
red, yellow, blue
When ________ colors are mixed, they make a duller and darker color because more of the visible spectrum is absorbed.
The term used for referring to the basic colors of the spectrum is ________.
The element of art that describes the relative lightness or darkness of a hue, compared to another hue, is known as ________.
A color that is lighter than its basic hue is known as a tint. A color that is darker than its basic hue is called a ________.
A color that is almost gray has a ________ saturation.
Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel are radically different in wavelength and are called ________.
complementary colors
When complementary colors are used next to each other in a composition, they produce a visual anomaly called simultaneous contrast. This visual effect makes the colors appear to ________ along the boundary where the two colors meet.
If you were to design an eye-catching poster using only two colors, the combination that would most stand out to passersby would be ________.
red and green
Colors that do not contrast strongly with each other, and which are similar in wavelength, are ________ colors.
Color ________ can be relative to the other colors nearby. For example, violet can be warm if we see it next to a hot color like red, or cool if we see it next to a colder color like blue.
Most commercial color printing is achieved using four separate colors, represented by the matrix ________.
Advertisers often use this color to reach their audience because it is the most visible in the spectrum.
lime yellow
Which color combination is analogous?
blue, blue-green and green
What emotional and psychological responses are typical to someone is exposed to red or red light for extended periods?
-They become aggressive.
-They want to eat.
Quiz 4:
Traditional visual arts, such as painting, are inherently static, but artists have always found inventive ways of conveying the elements of ________ and ________.
time ……. motion
This inventor co-created the film Fred Ott’s Sneeze, which was one of the first American movies.
Thomas Edison
The Italian Futurist artist Giacomo Balla illustrated the rapid movement of a dog running on a leash by painting a series of ________ in order to give the impression that we are seeing motion as it happens
repeating marks
If a figure in an artwork has drapery billowing out behind it, and appears to have multiple feet in different positions, the viewer might assume that this figure is ________.
running forwards
When an artist creates a work that deceives our eyes into believing there is motion as time passes, this is called ________.
the illusion of motion
The kind of motion that is created by showing a series of static images in quick succession is called ________.
stroboscopic motion
Disney’s Finding Nemo is an example of a series of computer-generated images played in rapid succession. This medium is called ________.
The elements of time and motion are not applicable to the art of photography.
What element describes the imposition of order and harmony on a design?
The three kinds of unity are:
compositional, conceptual, gestalt
Compositional unity strikes an interesting balance between the monotony of too much similarity, and the chaos of too much ________ in a work of art.
Disparate visual elements can be linked together with a common idea. This is ________ unity.
Joseph Cornell created boxes that contain compositions of ________ objects.
The German word that refers to something in which the whole seems greater than the sum of its parts is ________.
Variety can ________ a design.
Creating visual weight and counterweight is part of an artist’s use of the element of ________ in creating a work of art.
________ balance is achieved when both sides of a composition look exactly the same.
If an artist painted a street scene with one large building on the left-hand side, and two smaller buildings on the right-hand side, this would be an example of ________ balance.
________ balance is achieved when all elements in a work of art are equidistant from a central point and repeat in a symmetrical way from side to side and top to bottom.
Tibetan Buddhist monks create colored sand images with a radial design. This representation of the universe is called a ________.

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