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Essay about Walker Percy’s Short Quiz

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In life everybody is different and have different way of being and beliefs. According to Walker Percy on A Short quiz there are ten kinds of selves that people can fit or be part of. Most of the times people like to make a conscious effort to let people know and show them what self they are part of. There are three selves that are the most popular in USA, It is weird how two of the three most popular self in USA contradict each other they are The Christian self and the Autonomous self and then it’s the Standard American- Jeffersonian High School- commencement Republican-and- Democratic platform self The Christian self is the self that most people that believe in a higher power fit.

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Essay about Walker Percy’s Short Quiz
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Even though it includes everybody who have faith in a higher power, since it is call the Christian self and Christian comes from Christ and means “Follower of Christ” it applies better to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Most of the time people like to let people know what their beliefs are and they wear accessories with any message or any religious symbol such as crucifix, bracelet, rings, t-shirts with any religious message. We can also tell someone is Christian by the way the talk. When you go and speak to a Christian person, they always bring God in the talk, when you ask them for an advice they always advice you with the Bible; most of the time they start their advice saying “Well, the bible says….” Or “God tells us in the bible….” They also put their services or mass in front of anything like their priority because they claim to be nothing without christ. It does not matter if they get invited to the best party on town or to a family picnic if they have service in church they will attend it and after it they would be able to attend any other compromise they would have. Those are just some conscious efforts they would make to let people they are part of the Christian self. There is also the exact opposite to the Christian there is the people who do not believe in any higher power and only believe in themselves and sometimes in science for those people there is the “Autonomous self”. Some of these people start their life believing in God.

However in a point of life they got to go through difficult times just like any other human being, and when they were in those moments they start wondering “where is God?”, “why he let me go through this?” and so on and while they were going through those hard moments little by little they lost their faith and stop believing in a higher power and start to believe in themselves and whatever they could see and touch. Some time they have never believed in God and say “There is no such thing as God” or “God doesn’t exist”. Other times the forgot about God while they were getting their education and maybe a good job and start feeling self-sufficient and start comments like “I have everything I have because of me and my work and nothing else, there is not God that could possible helped me” They even like to make Fun of Christian and “advise” them telling them to stop believing in any higher power and instead to start working for what they want to have or be because according to them, their anybody nor anything that can make us go forward in life other that we, us and ourselves. Those are just some example on how people would demonstrate that they belong to the “Autonomous self”.

There are a lot of things we should admire from this country (USA), but one of the nicest and special things this country has is its people and their hospitality, their helpfulness, etc. The fact that the people really care about what happen in America and are really into it, makes this country gets the united in its name: United States of America. “The Standard American-Jeffersonian High School- Commencement Republican-and Democratic platform self” is one of the most common here, it is one of the most special ones because it is for people who like to help and to be involved in anything happening around them whether their home, school, jobs, community….etcetera. The people who are part of this self, show it very easy. They like to help a lot and they would always be asking “do you need help?” or would help you even without asking or be asked to. They also like to be involved in whatever is happening for example in elections time. They like to watch the debates and anything related with it. Some even try to walk people’s mind to vote for whomever they think would be better for the country. These are just few signs to know who is part of the “Standard American-Jeffersonian High School- Commencement Republican-and Democratic platform self”.

In a short Quiz Walker Percy explains to us ten different kinds of self in which people can be part of. The three most popular in the American culture are The Christian self that is for the people who believe in any higher power specially Jesus Crist, in which the people who are part of it show it wearing stuff with Christian message or meaning, talking and advising always with the bible and putting their religious compromise before anything.

Another popular self in the American culture is the Autonomous which is the opposite of the Christian self for people who do not believe in any higher power and believe in themselves. They show it making comments against God or comments stating that they are auto-sufficient and that they have anything only because of them. Sometimes they make fun of those who believe in higher power. The Standard American-Jeffersonian High School- Commencement Republican-and Democratic platform self is a popular self as well because is for those who like to help and be part of what happen around them.

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