Art in My Neighborhood

Many people do not have to go far to find works of art in their community or even near what he or she calls home. Art can be found all around you, and one does not have to travel out of the country to find unique structures. In my surrounding area, two famous structures are the Glenmore Mansion, and the Pat Summitt sculpture. The Glenmore Mansion is in Jefferson City, Tennessee, and the Pat Summitt sculpture is in Knoxville, Tennessee, which can be located on campus at the University of Tennessee. Moreover, the two famous structures are within miles of each other. Since the two structures are local, he or she can enjoy them, while learning about their histories. Also, they both consist of a great architectural background. In Understanding Art, Rathus states, “When you touch an object, your fingertips register sensations—rough, smooth, sharp, hard, soft. In truth, you can say that any work of art has actual texture—whether it is the hard, cold surface of marble or the smooth, glasslike finish of a meticulously painted canvas” (Rathus, 2017). To explain, the Glenmore Mansion is made up of bricks, which helps strengthen the structure of the mansion. The bricks may feel sharp or even rough in some places. In contrast, the Pat Summitt statue may seem smooth or feel of the temperature it is outside.

The Glenmore Mansion was established in the year of 1868-1869 by John Roper Branner. The city that the Mansion was build in used to be known as Mossy Creek, which is now Jefferson County. This mansion is a, “…twenty-seven-room, five-story Victorian house of handmade brick” (Gray, 2009). Gray explains how the mansion is an antique because of how it represents the Second Empire style so eloquently. This mansion was owned by many, but the first would be the Oaks. Not long after the Oaks lived in this antique home, a man named Milton Jarnigan bought the home in 1882. Gray says, “The carved woodwork of solid walnut and cherry came from Baltimore. The arched frames over the doors, recessed arch windows, and fanlights are Victorian delights.” (Gray, 2009). To continue, one of the most significant things on the Mansion would be the arches. Besides, “Arches have many functions, including supporting other structures, such as roofs, and serving as actual and symbolic gateways” (Rathus, 2017). Overall, arches are used for many things, and provide much stability structurally.

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In contrast, the Pat Summitt statue is very symbolic in many ways. Patt Summitt is an ex Lady Volunteers basketball coach. Her statue sets on the University of Tennessee’s campus located in Knoxville, Tennessee. “The statue was revealed at a dedication ceremony for the Pat Summitt plaza to honor the coach who led Tennessee to eight national titles and eighteen Final Four appearances” (Associated Press, 2013). The statue of Pat Summitt is made from concrete, and has her signature sculpted on the statue. A famous sculptor named David Adickes is held responsible for this significant piece of artwork. Adickes goes on to tell how he had never met Summitt but watched many different films and examined tons of photos to figure out a pose for Summitt. The statue itself was funded by many donors, who supported Summitt. This bronze statue is well over four hundred pounds, and very well known. Additionally, “The process of producing cast bronze sculptures has changed little over the centuries. But in recent years, artists have also assembled direct-metal sculptures by welding, riveting, and soldering. Modern adhesives have also made it possible to glue sections of metal together into three-dimensional constructions.” (Rathus,2017). Overall, the Summitt statue compared to the Mansion would remain complete opposites by touch.

To conclude, no one must go far to look for unique structures or even statues in your surrounding area. The Glenmore Mansion and the Pat Summitt statue are just two pieces of art that contain many beautiful structures. The architecture of the two structures has been known to contain much complexity. The Pat Summitt statue holds many memories and displays many designs such as the court floors she stood on, and the nets that were cut. As for the Glenmore mansion, it is known to be a home with many beautiful points. Overall, the Pat Summitt statue and the Glenmore Mansion may not hold as much value to one as it does the other, but the ones who know about these symbolic structures can help spread a small piece of their own community to others.

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