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Living in the neighborhood is also very attractive because if you are the type of person who wants quiet accommodation you can live in the neighborhood. Here you will find out a lot of beautiful scenery, quiet area, beautiful houses, you will also find plenty things to enjoy with other people within. You will also feel safe because you will be with your family. In the neighborhood, people will be happy even their children because they can play with other children near from their home. Because they are just inside the neighborhood to play for fun, the parents will be feeling complacent about their children because they know that their children are safe to play. Getting to know other neighbors is so much fun at it’s a smart way for those residents to ensure their safety and securities for their homes. The beauty of living in the neighborhood is you can find immediate help during a time of crisis, for helping out during family emergencies. Being part of a neighborhood is fun because homeowners have bond with others here and that’s great because it help us to know more our neighbors.

In the neighborhood you will find a beautiful scenery, and comfortable feeling, it is also safe to walk there because there are also security guards that you can trust to keep yourself safe from harm. Inside the neighborhood, there are so many beautiful houses that you will be truly impressed with the construction of the houses and you will be amazed on how well they did that. The neighborhood is definitely an inviting place to live.

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But in compare to the city you feel not safe and it is also a dangerous place especially at night because there are some people who have bad intension to you, so you should be more alert and always protect yourself. In the city there are many ways for you to get sick easily due to the pollution, dirty places, smoke coming from cigarettes, sometimes you can also get sick with the people you meet because it’s very crowded in the city. Living in a neighborhood and in the city is just as similar and different as one can imagine, both are happy to live in such places because you will find great scenery, a lot of friends, close to the markets but the advantage of those people who are living in a neighborhood, they so far from a disaster, in pollution, in serious illnesses, and here you can breathe fresh air. And those people whose living in the city they very exposed in bad air so they can easily inhale the smoke coming from the vehicles, they may be the most prone to skin diseases or any other sickness.

The city has advantages also over the neighborhood, since most modern life facilities are in the city and easily accessible, such as telephone, internet, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, industries, factories, roads, airports, airport train station and more, while the neighborhood has a limited facilities only because it is far away from many things. In the city, you have many opportunities to find a job right away, or even at the university, you have many options for getting into good schools, renowned and big schools. You can choose what you like when you are in the city compared when you are in the neighborhood. Although sometimes in the city is messy, noisy, dangerous, but you will have many opportunitiesto find especially if you are hardworking, adventurous and persistent in life, you can have a huge income to live your life because of your hard work and perseverance.You can also find many hospitals in the city so it is easy access, especially if there is emergency.

In terms of cost of living, if you are living in the city you will observe that you will have a very high expenses. Most goods are very expensive. Another thing, most of the people who live in the city are corrupted. So there are lots of crimes in the city. Many thefts and murders often take place in the city. The city is always busy and noisy. There are a lot of vehicles and people on the road. The streets are dusty and unclean. So it is hard to lead a healthy life in the city. In compare to neighborhood life, mainly the people of the neighborhood live in unity peace. Even in the neighborhood earning money is very hard and it still enough for life to survive. Although there is only few work opportunities inside the neighboorhood ,but they still live in less competition with each other.

They have more friends in the neighborhood since it is small. The people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. The neighborhood has less noise and rush. So pollution is less. The neighborhood has not a lot of vehicles. So roads are less dangerous for driving cycling. They can get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. The environment of the neighborhood is pleasant and silent and it has scenic beauty. The neighborhood has not only good points but also it has bad points. The neighborhood has intelligent people, but many people are not educated. Neighborhood’s children go to the neighborhood’s school. They are not going to the city’s school because of free education.

They have difficulty keeping up with new developments in their field or profession. Same day neighborhoods live the same place. Neighborhood people have to face many difficulties in their lives, like traveling problems. They have to go to the city to supply their needs. Although life in the city is more comfortable than the neighborhood, some people like neighborhood life than a city. In the city there are also some problems like pollution, traffic jam, tension and you have no free time to meet with relatives and friends, these problems are not found in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood and living in the city have similiarities and differences, they have both advantages and disadvatages, but despite of that both living in the neighborhood can be enjoyable if you are with your family and with your true friends.

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