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Report about Sunburst’s Income and Net Profit

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A purchase order (POP) is a written document issued by the seller to the buyer. The purpose of the purchase order is to communicate product price, quantities and the agreed price for the service. Purchase order is an internal piece of information that comes from the financial department of Sunburst’s. On screen – an example of on-screen information is an advertisement board. And the purpose of an advertisement board is to show the information on the products and shows how many customers brought and has liked the product in Sunburst’s.

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Report about Sunburst’s Income and Net Profit
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The advertisement board is an external piece of information that comes from the customer data base. Verbal – an example of verbal immunization is talking face to face. The purpose of face to face is to reach information to other more quickly. Talking face to face is external because you are talking to customers about information and quires. UP Report To: The Finance Manager From: Razzed Ashamed Date: 13/1/2014 Subject: Income and Net profit In this report I will be talking about Sunburst’s Income and net profit.

Profit 1 -O: In 2013 Kingsbury made a Emma in profit because Kingsbury had a high margin of sales but in 2014 Sunburst’s made mom in profit, compare this to 2013 the difference Elm and the change between the profit in 2013 and 2014 is Income 2. 0: In 2013 the income for Kingsbury was Emma and in 2014 the income was Emma this means that the income has risen by 18. 2% between 2013 and 2014 UP Leaflet UP Presentation UP Poster UP leaflet The purpose of the apple’s corporate communication is to advertise the new Apple Pad Air 2 and compare it with the previous model.

The business is trying achieve more sales and gain new customers. The target audience for the communications are targeted at adults and mid teenagers because those are the groups that are more likely to move along with the new technology. Apple wants their audience to respond by purchasing their new products and spreading the word The strengths of the communication is that it the poster is cheap to produce and it can be given out to the public in numerous quantities The strength of the communication is that the advert is show on TV so there will be load of customers and potential customer watching the advert to this can boost sales.

The weakness of the communication is that the flyer can be easily dismissed by the consumer meaning that they will just look at it and then throw it away. The weakness of the communication is that the advert the consumer ay get bored of the same advert and may get put off the product. Over all apple will meet their objectives because of the communications will attract the customers to buy the product and buy doing this they meet one of their objective which is to boost their sales.

The Data Protection Act 1998 The Data Protection Act 1998 is an act that protects consumers information being misused or abused. The information stored on apples database must be: accurate and up to date processed in line with your rights obtained fairly and lawfully For example customers and employee details have to be accurate and up to ate. When customers at apple take out a contract you employee has to make sure that the customers information for example , address , phone number and personal information is up to date and accurate.

The freedom of information Act 2000 The freedom of information act came to effect in 2005 it provides the customers with the right to request public information about apple held by the public authority. The public authority must tell customers whether they got the information or not. The computer misused act 1990 The computer misused act 1990 is a law in the United Kingdom that legislates activities using a computer such as hacking into peoples system and misusing the software.

The computer misused act 1990 splits into three categories which makes it illegal Unauthorized modification of computer material Unauthorized access to computer material Unauthorized access to computer system with intent to commit other offences For example if someone hacks into Kingsbury network and steals or sabotages confidential information then the criminal can be convicted under the computer misused act 1990 and the unauthorized access access to computer system with intent to commit other offences. Ethical issues

Use of email- With apple you are only allowed you use emails as a reminder and advance notice , giving standard information to a large group and to disseminate urgent news rapidly Use of internet- Apple have many codes of practice on the use if the internet meaning what their employees can and cannot use the internet for example using social media if you are a sales assistant this a breach of the code of practice because they are supposed to be focused of help customers. Whistle-blowing- a whistle blower is an employee who raises a concern about the company for example an employee at apple will raise concerns to the manger or he press.

The concern may relate to fraud, danger or crime that could impact on the shareholders, customers and employees. For example if an employee finds out that the manger of apple is giving himself extra pay, the employee will got to the press and release this information to the public. There are so many types of operational issues that Apple has to deal with for example apple as to have security software so hacker can’t access financial and personal information, another example is apple has to keep their confidential information secured by getting the best anti-virus software there is.

Health and safety within Apple is one of the important issues because apple has to make sure that to make sure their employees are well looked after and kept safe . Apple has boosted their health and safety standard by adding more fire exit doors and give the employees longer break times Apple Uses backups in order to have spare copies it confidential information get deleted for example apple save their documents on a special hard drive so if information was deleted Apple can easily re gain the information . Method of communication Types of communication Definition Audience Electronic

Social media Social media is a way of commutation with for example Twitter , Backbone and Namespace Apple tries to approach adult and teenagers because those are people who use those types of social media Electronic Website The website is a form of communication because everyone uses the web to communicate Apple uses this communication for external purposes for example contacting customers to promote new products Electronic Email The use of email is to communicate internally and externally Apple uses this communication to communicate with staff internally and clients and customers externally.

Non-Electronic Letter The letter is used to communicate internal and external Apple Uses this communication to with employees and existing customers Non- Magazines Magazines is used to promote a context meaning news, gossip and new products Apple uses magazines to promote their latest products to the people who read magazines like women and girl teenagers Non-Electronic Memo Memo is used as a reminder, action request and announcements Apple uses memo to let their fellow employees know the latest news or if something has changed.

Types of communication Sources of information Disadvantage Advantages Verbal Communication Meetings Telephone Interviews Presentation The disadvantage is that you can’t keep record of what has been said between you and another person. Another disadvantage is the information may be misheard and misinterpreted The last disadvantage is that you can’t provide legal evidence.

It is a fast way of interacting with each other You can also you can direct and straight to the point You don’t have use technology to communicate with others Written communication Books Emails Letters The disadvantage is that it is time consuming because it takes to communicate tit others Another one lack of direct relation meaning there is no direct relationship with the reader and writer The last disadvantage is that it costs in record keeping The advantage is that it can be used as an reference in future Another advantage is that it is easy to preserve document meaning it is easy to look after documents The last advantage is that it can be used as a permanent record.

On- Screen communication Tv/Tv Adverts A disadvantage of On-screen communications that it is more costly compared to other methods Another disadvantage is that you can communicate face to ace with people An advantage of On-Screen communication is that it is not time wasting Another advantage is that it help make a quicker decision. Web based communication Internet The disadvantage of web based communication is that you will get spam mail (Junk Mail) Another disadvantage is that you’re at risk of getting bad publicity The advantage is that it is easy to access business information Another advantage is that you can always keep it fresh meaning you can always change are design on the web.

MI analyses the different type of business information and their sources APPLE) MM Operational aspects All staff are required to wear ID cards at all times when working in the store to avoid unwanted visitors visiting restricted areas. All staff name telephone number and next of kin are always kept secure and not allowed to be used to inappropriate purpose. Apple keeps confidentiality regarding staff such as health and disciplinary issues, whenever staff carry out surveys their opinions are new shown to anyone else. Staff are always advised to never leave their computers unattended if so you must either log off or lock the computer so personal information don’t get misused.

Another operational issues is a security breach test (risk assessment) , this is were Apple hires computer security professionals to try and breach and access people personal data and if the professionals bypass the security system this means that personal data will be at risk of being exposed to the wrong people i. E. Fraudsters. Legal aspects The following thing that are practiced at apple The copywriter’s legislation are always important, when advertising apple can’t pick picture from the web and put it in their promotional campaign. Also staff are asked for permission before their photos get put on adverts and leaflets. No one in apple is allowed to use abusive and racial language at work and if that happen they will be consequences such as dismissal. Another legal issues is the Data Protection Act which is a British law which keeps data of people.

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