Net principles and concepts Essay


  1. .NET Enterprise for eCommerce

            Industries and manufactures have a serious problem when they try to integrate systems and process in multiple enterprises because they have to share common technology like data formats, networking protocols, etc.

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Net principles and concepts
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            Under such circumstances, corporations try to simplify operating systems so that they do not have to share the system when two or more companies work in same times - Net principles and concepts Essay introduction. Ideally, each department in a company has one server for their work so they will not getting problem when sent message through internet.

            NET enterprise server technology offers platform to simplify computer applications and their deployment trough internet connection. Many .NET enterprise server platform offered by computer software vendors such as Microsoft and Linux, each has benefits and limitations. The purpose of .NET enterprise server is to involve development in large companies in developing in-house application. (Mischel, 2005)

            For some peoples, appearance of .NET server gives good impressions although not every company will need it. Although the software is very useful for the company to predict the markets, it might be too difficult for a person who does not have great IT (Information Technology) skills to install, to use, and to upgrade. It meanings that companies have to hire a person to solve this problem.

  1. .NET Enterprise Server Products

            In software industry especially operating system, Microsoft holds about 75% of market share. The domination also happens in .NET enterprise server. There are four kinds of products that offered by Microsoft for enterprise server, and each of them has their own features and benefits:

  1. Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server

Microsoft .NET enterprise server is a family server application for build and manages and integrating companies based on web that can secure all connection trough internets.  Microsoft .NET enterprise server including SQL server, Internet security an acceleration server, commerce server, exchange server, etc that give benefits: (Trial Guide, 2000)

    1. Strong security on internet connectivity

Strong security gives guarantee for data safety, so that when the companies make connections with other companies, they would have not worried if the data they have sent were sabotage by hackers.

    1. Productive internet access

Microsoft .NET enterprise server has many utilities, and with those utilities will make internet access more productive because person use internet access for working.

    1. Fast and scalable e-commerce

Integrated ISA server in Microsoft .NET enterprise server make the internet connection faster and this condition are conducive for e-commerce.

    1. Powerful management and reduce total cost

With simplify software that less of human roles make the work process efficient and effective.

  1. Microsoft .NET Alert

Microsoft .NET alert is a service based on Microsoft standard notification used for sent an alert which form as message to the customers trough computer, cell phones, and PDA. This application has purpose to provides users a central place to arrange alert subscriptions, give benefit to increase consumer interaction quality and reach millions users in short time. This software will be useful if our company’s consumers are highly mobile and both consumers and company cannot continually meet.

  1. Microsoft Map Point .NET

Microsoft Map point .NET is software uses XML web service that let us to add functionally location such as maps, driving directions, distance, etc. This software work like GIS (Geographic Information System) that give us knowledge about the location. Microsoft map point .NET is very useful for a company to determine their market targets. For instance, we want to determine where we want to offer new product and who the market target; in this case, we can input resident data’s. With little help from Map Point .NET software, we can see the result from criteria that we have determining previously

  1. Microsoft .NET My Service

Software that mentioned above has similar characters with Microsoft .NET enterprise server that focuses to consumer services, but less of features. This software have many utilities, they are:

    1. Provides efficient development for user-centric application

Same as we use Microsoft .NET enterprise server, when use Microsoft .NET my service, all work process will be focus in one machine. All data will be entered to software and then write the determined criteria what we want, in a few minutes the result will appear in your screen.  In these processes, we not need much person, just one person with great IT skills.

    1. Provides tools to increase user experience

For a person who cannot use Microsoft .NET enterprise server, they can use easier software such as Microsoft .NET my service so that they will accustom and it will increase their experiences.

    1. Create valuable web application and web location for efficiency.

Effectiveness and increasing profits are never satisfied. To fulfill these requirements, companies have to increase their business focus on market target. For that, companies create valuable web application and web location trough internet so that peoples will be know when companies offer their products. Fewer workers used means increasing profits.

  • Reasons for Using .NET Server

Based on explained articles above, the software that most useful for a company specialize in eCommerce is Microsoft .NET Enterprise Software. This is because of this software offering more features and much of them are very useful.  Beside that, we can earn many benefits by using Microsoft .NET enterprise server compared to other enterprise server. They are:

  1. Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server use multiple languages inside the program, so that it can develop many mathematical calculations, because each language has own unique features.
  2. Various languages can make large systems to split for manageable subsystems.
  3. Written objects on .NET framework can work each other to be integrating to one application.

Compare to other .NET enterprise server like UNIX or Linux, Microsoft left them away, even Microsoft .NET enterprise server are complicated but .NET enterprise server build by Linux and UNIX are more complicated. Much of their functions conduct manually, while some functions in Microsoft .NET enterprise server are easily by click the buttons.


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