Assessment of Core Competencies and a “SWOT” analysis of Kohler COmpany Sample

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Executive Summary

Kohler Co. is a 129-year-old company strong in its tradition and concentrating on quality and bettering the degree of gracious life for its clients. A SWOT analysis is described in this paper to discourse the Strengths – quality and employee trueness ; Weaknesses – slow traditions and limited clients ; Opportunities – addition cordial reception division and sell to a broader scope of clients ; and Threats – Porter’s 5 forces. Due to the analysis provided. the nucleus competences of Kohler emerge every bit high quality. great design. history and tradition. and a committedness to gracious life for their clients.

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Kohler Background

Kohler Co. is a universe leader in plumbing and power systems. but is diverse and sells merchandises with more than a twelve brands other than merely Kohler. Some illustrations are: Sterling. Hytec. Ann Sacks. Baker. Jacob Delafon. and Robern. The Kohler household of concerns extends from kitchen & A ; bath. engines. generators. furniture. cabinetwork. interior tile. and cordial reception such as golf classs. resorts. eating houses. watering place. and hotels. The Kohler Co. mission is to better the degree of gracious life for each individual touched by Kohler’s merchandises and services. This mission is carried out by 20. 000 employees world-wide. on six different continents. The universe central office is located in Kohler. Wisconsin.

Kohler was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler to do dramatis personae Fe and steel agriculture tools. Ten old ages subsequently. Kohler created a Equus caballus trough and placed it in his catalog bespeaking that four legs could be added to make a bathing tub. This was the first plumbing merchandise that Kohler originally created. Since so Kohler has grown enormously. but is still a in private held. household owned company. with John Michael Kohler’s grandson. Herbert V. Kohler running the company. Herbert V. Kohler’s married woman and three kids besides presently work for Kohler Co.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is used to analyse a state of affairs or company for doing determinations and assisting to make schemes. “SWOT is an acronym for the internal strengths and failings of a house and the environmental chances and menaces confronting that firm” ( Pearce. p. 483 ) . “Completing a SWOT analysis helps you identify ways to minimise the affect of failings in your concern while maximising your strengths” ( Kyle. 2002 ) . SWOT stands for Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. and Threats. The undermentioned subdivisions will place each of these countries for Kohler Co.


Kohler Co. is known around the universe for bring forthing a high quality merchandise. When a consumer wants to buy a beautiful merchandise that will besides last a long clip. Kohler is the right pick. Kohler’s monetary values stay competitory for the quality and workmanship of their concluding merchandise. There are lower priced merchandises available. but non with the high quality of a Kohler merchandise. This is a definite strength of Kohler – trade name acknowledgment and unexcelled quality.

Another strength for Kohler is associate trueness. While this is difficult to scientifically mensurate. the employee turnover rate is highly low for a company of this size. Many employees start working at Kohler and so go on until they retire. That is a rare happening in concern during the last few decennaries. Of class. anyone with the last name of Kohler is dedicated to the company. but in add-on. associates feel a sense of trueness to Herbert V. Kohler. It’s difficult to explicate. but with a company that’s 129 old ages old. many associates have grown up with Kohler associates in their household through the coevalss. They work at Kohler ; their male parent. gramps. uncle. aunt. great-grandfather. etc. have all worked at Kohler. Kohler is situated near little towns and metropoliss ( the largest being Sheboygan. WI of 50. 000 occupants ) . so many local occupants find Kohler a good topographic point to work. The commute is short. the wage is competitory. and the nostalgia is present among their relations. In add-on. people enjoy working for a company that puts such an importance on quality.


Kohler Co. is based on history. tradition. and a strong work moral principle. All of these traits sound good. right? Well. they are. except in a fast moving market place. Fabrication is non thought of as a fast moving market place. but there are other rivals that race to acquire a new design on the market. This is where Kohler needs some work in order to increase the clip it takes from initial construct through applied scientists. gross revenues. selling. fabrication. and to the Kohler clients. The blessing procedure should be shortened between each phase in order to assist do this happen.

Another failing is that Kohler has chosen to merely sell straight to retail merchants. authorities. infirmaries. and jobbers ( pipe fitters. distribution centres. interior decorators. etc ) . This limits the consumer to buy merchandise through a jobber. If Kohler distributed a catalog or an on-line e-commerce site for householders. they could purchase straight from Kohler. The extra purchases from householders would add to Kohler’s gross revenues and increase gross.


While Kohler is thought of as a kitchen and bath company. they have many other merchandises and services that they offer. Most of the gross is generated through the plumbing organisation. But Kohler is besides making good in their cordial reception division. In Kohler. WI they have built two golf classs – Blackwolf Run ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. destinationkohler. com/bwr/bwr. hypertext markup language ) hosted the woman’s PGA title and Whistling Straits ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. destinationkohler. com/ws/ws. hypertext markup language ) will be hosting the 2004 men’s PGA title. In add-on. they have a five star resort. the American Club ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. destinationkohler. com/tac/tac. hypertext markup language ) . with first-class eating houses and watering place. One of the original Kohler sign of the zodiacs was converted into an sole resort called Riverbend ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. destinationkohler. com/riverbend_pub/river. hypertext markup language ) . While it makes sense to hold such fantastic golf classs. resorts and watering place available near Kohler. WI. Kohler could spread out to retroflex similar finishs in other countries of the state. The cordial reception division does gain a batch of gross for the company and it would go on to turn if built in other finishs.

Another chance for the company would be to sell merchandise to all consumers interested in buying Kohler merchandise. Currently. Kohler does non sell straight to householders. A householder wishing to buy Kohler merchandise must make so through a retail shop. a builder. a interior decorator. a pipe fitter. etc. While the extra disbursal would be present for taking more orders that are smaller in nature. Kohler would besides potentially sell more merchandises. because the points wouldn’t be marked up after traveling through the jobber. Kohler could get down by puting up an e-commerce site that consumers would utilize to buy straight from Kohler online. If all goes good. so Kohler selling could publish catalogs for householders and get down mass selling through the mail.


The menaces to Kohler can be defined by utilizing Porter’s five forces: dickering power of providers. dickering power of clients. menace of new entrants. menace of replacements. and competitory competition among bing companies. “The theoretical account of the five competitory forces was developed by Michael E. Porter in his book ‘Competitive Scheme: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors’ in 1980” ( Recklies. 2001 ) .

Dickering Power of Suppliers

It is possible that companies that supply natural stuff and semi-materials to Kohler could re-negotiate their bing contracts with Kohler. In this tight economic system. it’s besides possible that bing providers could travel out of concern and new contracts would necessitate to be created between Kohler and other providers. While relationships and fundss seem O.K. between Kohler and their existing providers. new contracts that would increase the payment to providers or diminish the sum of stuffs supplied to Kohler could truly endanger Kohler’s net incomes.

Dickering Power of Customers

Since Kohler normally sells to larger clients that do non purchase merely a few merchandises at one time. the larger orders that these clients purchase could be stopped or threatened based on the bargaining power of the client. For illustration. if Home Depot decided that they should pay 50 % off list monetary value since that’s what they’re paying American Standard. Kohler would differ. But what if Home Depot so said. it’s 50 % off list or we won’t be buying Kohler merchandise any longer? This bargaining power would endanger the relationship and the gross that Kohler receives from Home Depot. Some type of via media would necessitate to be met and hopefully non all of the larger clients would get down bargaining in this manner or it could intend a batch of jobs with Kohler’s gross.

Menace of New Entrants

With Kohler being a 129-year-old company. new entrants do non normally scare Kohler Co. The trade name of Kohler is trusted as high quality and dependable merchandises. so it would take rather a new entrant to steal away clients from Kohler. But. it’s ever possible.

Menace of Substitutes

Since Kohler is slow to present new merchandise from design to fabrication. a company that introduces replacements could endanger Kohler’s net incomes. Kohler realizes this and has been beaten on juncture for a merchandise design to make market before they do. Therefore Kohler is working hard to better the procedure and cut down the sum of days/months between initial construct and making the market.

Competitive Competition

Kohler’s closest rivals are Moen. American Standard. and Masco. If any of these companies focused more on quality and began making a merchandise every bit good as Kohler’s merchandises. so the company would necessitate to sit up and take notice more than they do today. These companies are already known in the market place. so they’d have to better their quality in their fabrication and so do this known in their selling. If that were the instance. so Kohler could be threatened with a loss of gross.


After reexamining the analysis for Kohler Co. to place the strengths. failings. chances. and menaces ( utilizing Porter’s five forces ) . Kohler’s nucleus competences are revealed. What makes Kohler stand out from its rivals is Kohler’s focal point on high quality. great design. history and tradition. and committedness to gracious life for their clients. These competences are revealed when analysing Kohler’s strengths and why clients purchase Kohler merchandise or usage Kohler’s services.


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