Self-reflection: Learning and Interpersonal Competencies Course Essay

Taking the intra-& Interpersonal competencies course is greatly beneficial to me. What I have learnt in the course, helping me a lot in self-understanding and developing positive relations, can be used in daily life in different aspects. These aspects are self, friends as well as family relationships. In my point of view, self is the most essential part among these two aspects. Before building relationships with others, we must get known of ourselves and positive ways together with skills of expressing our feelings.

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Self-reflection: Learning and Interpersonal Competencies Course
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In classes 1 to 4, I successfully got further known of myself and later I have started to strike a balance in the four developmental areas of self. As self-esteem greatly affects our life, I began to remind myself once a day on positive statements and self-fulfilling statements. What is more, I have gained a lot in making wise choices and ways in expressing my emotions. Therefore, I am able to achieve happiness and satisfaction more often. After learning the ways of well-being of self, I have benefited greatly in building relationships with others in classes 4 to 8 too.

Undoubtedly, communication is always a significant part in a relationship, which means proper communication skills cannot be ignored. Before taking this class, I seldom pay attention on the ways I communicate with others. Misunderstandings often appear during the communication process. However, after learning various ways of becoming an effective communicator, my communication process with others has been improved, which is good for relationships.

In addition, I have learned what a positive relationship is and then I tried my best to achieve the features of this. I have also worked on my relationships with enrichment and initiating interactions, which made them better. Although this course nearly comes to an end, still, I have got much to learn in the aspects of self as well as building positive relationships. It is hoped that I can start learning them myself from now on.

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