The Vivid Approach to Health

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Specifically, how well can a student manage time, how well can a student read and write, how much math does a student know entering into school. Hind it is very important for a student to know their readiness before entering into a class they might not be ready for. If you understand your weaknesses and learning opportunities early, you will have much better success in completing whatever program you enter. What concerns, if any, do you have with academic writing and reading? At the moment I do not have any concerns with my ability to academic writing and reading.

For my job I am required to do a lot of writing for store planning and operations that is clear and precise for my employees to understand, and for accurate execution. My job also requires me to dead a lot, whether is learning and training materials for new aspects of my job or day-to-day emails or operations from my staff. The only area was concerned about was writing essays in PAP style, however the Riverfront Writer seems like it will take the worry out of that for me now. What two university resources will you use to strengthen your writing and reading skills (refer to your Student Life Worksheet)?

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The two resources will use to help me with my writing skills would be the Riverfront Writer to help me complete my PAP essays and to help me better understand the formatting so I’ll eventually I wont need the assistance. Also plan to use the Submit a paper for plagiarism to make sure that all my work has been written as original. I find that sometimes when I am trying to paraphrase or rewrite in my own words tend to sometimes copy to directly. This will help me ensure that I don’t accidentally copy to directly. What is your personal learning style (refer to the Chi. 1 Papilla homework)?

My Personal Learning Style is 29 Thinking, 40 Doing, 29 Feeling, and 22 Watching. From the chart it looks like I am Mode 3 which means I learn and retain more from doing myself then any other learning style. Agree with that completely. I have always been he type of person to learn by doing. I’ll buy a new car or gaming console or TV and never touch the manual. I’ll just start pushing buttons until stuff happens. I find that sometimes being shown something first sometimes helps but usually it just goes in one ear and out the other until I put it into action for myself.

What are two obstacles you might need to overcome (refer to your Life Factors and personality assessments)? The first obstacle I have to face being back at school is managing my time around my job. I spend a lot of time at work, well over 50 hours a week. I have to try and find time during the day to work on my assignments. Trying to balance the workload is very important to my success in the class. The other big area that I need to overcome is the fact that I get very easily side tracked, especially at home.

I’m trying to budget my time so that I don’t fall behind on class or get burned out by having no free time to do the things at home that I enjoy to do. What strategies can you use to overcome these obstacles and be successful? Good Time Management is the biggest thing can use to overcome these issues. I have an adaptive schedule set up to help me control my day. The schedule will change if one of my tasks goes over. If something unplanned comes up adapt by trying to bring my school work with me and work on it if possible. Being able to complete my work from my pad is very helpful since I always have it on me.

As for being easily distracted at home, I plan to set aside time to do the things enjoy doing at home so that I can focus on my school work when it comes time for that in my schedule. How does knowing your personal learning style help you be successful? Knowing my learning style helps me understand the best way for me to learn and better myself. Knowing that learn mainly from doing helps with my productivity cause it tells me that rather than wasting time reading or watching someone do something, that doing it for myself will help it stick faster and help me retain and become more skilled.

I’m not saying that reading and watching doesn’t help when you get stuck in an area, but feel that it’s better to read or watch an area that you know you need help in rather than spending extra time on areas you may not have an issue with. I believe this is more efficient. Do you feel you are ready for the academic and financial commitment of attending college? Yes, 100% sure that I am ready to face all the challenges that this college has to throw at e.

I have been working towards my degree since 2005 and I have finally found a program that completely works with my busy day-to-day schedule and will make it possible for me to achieve my goals. Am very good at managing my finances and have already budgeted for school both time and financially. While am receiving financial aid and loans, I have set aside money in case something extra might need to arise. I am focused and ready to complete my goals and finally earn the degree I have been working so hard to earn all these years. How can goal setting and time management help you reach your goals?

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