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Business strategies should focus on four main elements of organizations that include people, product, customers and processes. The business strategy of Ford Motors Company can be aligned with human resource management for it to obtain the results that it is trying to attain. In order for Ford Motors to align its business strategy with human resource strategy, it should determine its mission, goals and objectives and develop human strategies that should facilitate the accomplishment of its mission, objectives and goals (Lila, 2005).

The company should hire employees that are competent and experienced in the auto industry. This can ensure that its employees have the required skills and expertise required to support its mission and goals. There should also be an elaborate training program for all its employees. The training program should be aimed at developing important skills in automotive industry.

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All the employees should be trained on various roles that are in line with the company mission and objectives such as providing quality services and ensuring enhanced customer care. The Human Resource Job Positions The human resource job positions listed for Ford Motor Company includes labor relations, compensation, business operations, benefits, workforce planning and recruiting, organization development, personnel relations, human resource tragedy and learning and development (Ford, 2014).

These job positions are assigned various responsibilities. The labor relations are concerned with the responsibility of managing the employees situations in the company, compensation job is concerned with reward of employees, the job of workforce planning and recruitment is responsible for the selection and hiring qualified personnel to work for the company and human resource strategy develops various policies that provides guideline to employees on how they can accomplish the objective of the organizations.

Other jobs within the unman resource department of Ford Motors Company include organizational development which design policies and strategies for the development of the organization, learning and development which develop training and learning programs for all the employees while business operation ensures that the daily business activities are accomplished by the employees. The preferred human resource position is organization development. This is because this human resource position plays an important role towards ensuring that there is development in the organization.

This implies that it is a core position that ensures that an organization accomplishes its mission and objective so as to enhance its performance and be competitive. The position therefore combines the business strategy and the human resource strategy hence ensures that an organization performs according to its set aims and objectives. Analysis of Establishing HARM Strategies Ford Motor Company can establish Human resource management strategies in a number of ways. The company should identify the needs of the customer before establishing its human resource management strategy.

This is because customers are the main determinant of the success of an organization. Through identification of the needs of customers, Ford Motors Company can determine the best human strategies that can help meet the needs of the customers. It can also evaluate the strategies that are applied by its rival firms so as to align its human strategies in a manner that is superior to competitors (Briefly & Daly, 2002). This can ensure that it gains competitive advantage in the market.

The current level of technology and the taste and preference of customers can also be evaluated to help towards the development and implementation of appropriate human resource management strategies. Proposed Ways of Increasing Diversity Ford Motors can use three main ways to increase diversity. One of the proposed ways that Ford Motors Company can use to increase diversity include making long-term commitments towards initiatives aimed at diversification measures such as creating of more diversified workforce (Hellhole, 2013).

The second way is for the company to ensure that it clearly demonstrate its business values. The last option is for the company to focus on the quality and skills of the potential employees rather than focus on the time of hiring employees. References Briefly, P, & Daly, P. (2002). Aligning human resource management practices and knowledge strategies. The strategic management of intellectual capital and organizational knowledge, 277-95. Ford (2014).

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