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The staff employed by the company

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I would open a sponsor fund in my own private capacity to assist people from underprivileged families, starting with the staff employed in the company I run, by educating them and their family members, assisting those who have innovative and viable ideas to start their own mall businesses with a view that I can earn a certain share percentage in those small businesses, which will bring me more money and at the same time do good for my fellow human beings in order to alleviate poverty.

It is morally wrong to earn such a lot of money while people who are employed in the same company at lower ranks are struggling to make ends meet. Probably have said about White Bassoon (or you) earning CAR (You might want to do a bit of research into the nature of White Bassoon’s 2010 earnings). I think that Kant wouldn’t have approved of this earning as this is what he totally goes against.

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The staff employed by the company
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Yes Bassoon did a great job by growing Shoplifter into the biggest and top earning company that it is today, and Christi Wise felt that he deserved it undoubtedly because of his running the company with an iron fist and never leaving things to chance and getting involved in every aspect of the company but he surely did not do it alone, he needed people he employed who were also outstanding in their respectable fields of expertise to assist and share ideas and give him advice. Besides they had known each other for long, which might be one of the motivating factors for that but regardless, there is o much that can be done with that money to change other people’s situations. What do you think about White Bassoon (or you) earning CAR 620,000,000. 00? Who wouldn’t want to earn that much, its every person’s dream to earn such big money due to your hard work but, it doesn’t go down well with me, no matter how they justify it. Why do you think this? Because of all the poverty that is going on in this country and him having all resources to make a difference.

Yes he worked hard to achieve what he has achieved but it is highly inconceivable and immoral for one person to earn that ouch money, no matter how hard they have worked as there are people who assisted in getting the results that he has achieved. It definitely was not a one man show, yes he brought along his intellectual property (ideas), but there were other people who assisted in implementing those ideas and making sure that the end results were favorable for the company’s growth.

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