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Paper On Determining Strategies To Be Employed For Success

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    Strengths are factors that give you an edge or the upper hand in situations, while weaknesses are factors that work against an individual in the achievement of desired objectives. Opportunities, on the other hand, refers to favourable instances or situations that may bring an individual an advantage over others. Threats are factors that seek to derail the achievement of objectives. As a nursing student, it is vital and essential to capitalize on one’s strengths while working to bridge the gap created by the existence of weaknesses experienced in the nursing program. This paper is used to determine my strengths and weaknesses as a nursing student in the nursing program and determine the required strategies to be employed in achieving success. The strategies and the way an individual go about learning of the course determines what is conceived of the learning process (Shmeck, 1988). In my study as a nursing student in the nursing program, some strengths have been invaluable in the period of my program. One such strength is listening. Through listening, I have been able to take note of tutor instructions and follow them, which has thus contributed to my better understanding of content material in the nursing program. Another such strength has been memory which has enabled me to retain a lot of what has been learnt in the nursing program. Reading and writing are also a pair of skills I have been able to convert into strengths that have allowed me to gain a better understanding of what is taught in the program. Problem-solving and decision making are also strengths I have been able to pick up in my study as a nursing student. Goal setting has also been a skill that I have mastered and involves setting a list of achievable objectives to be realized over a while.

    Equally, I have also experienced some weaknesses in the nursing program during my study as a nursing student. Time management and prioritizing, in particular, are areas that I have experienced significant challenges in developing and mastering. This, at times, has threatened to derail my achievement of objectives set out. Furthermore, I have been unable to create a consistent definitive learning style and strategic planning approach. At times, this has led me to experience difficulties during the reading process of the program’s content material. Note-taking is also a skill I have struggled to master, although I have made significant strides towards fixing this problem, and I can say I am getting better at it. Both reading as a study strategy and academic achievement are related and inter-twine able (Acheaw and Larson, 2004). A pragmatic strategy to employ during the program is adopting a self-study and self-analysis approach, which entails reading on one’s self-accord. It is a useful tool in the voyage to a better understanding of what is taught in the nursing program. Another approach is to integrate research as a study strategy and learning style into the learning process. Research enables a student to learn beyond the scope of what is taught in class and regular study sessions. It is an extra initiative whose benefits stretch beyond what is expected when dependent on regular study sessions alone. Developing adequate comprehension skills is also an excellent strategy to employ. Comprehension entails understanding the meaning of words and phrases in isolation and in context.

    Listening is a strength I have developed and has helped in my understanding in the nursing program. Memory as a strength has helped me remember what is taught in the program. Reading as a strength is something both myself and others see as a strength that has allowed me understand the program better. Learning Styles, as a weakness is a resource both myself and others consider me to lack and can be improved by finding a definite studying style that is suitable to me. Time management is a resource I lack and I believe can be improved by practicing the completion of tasks within a set time limit. Test-taking is an opportunity I believe is open to me for academic success as it provides a basis for assessing what I have learnt in the program. Library research studying as a trend moreover, is an opportunity that would contribute to my academic success. Reading and memory are the strengths I believe I can turn into opportunities. Prioritizing to me has been a major threat to my academic success as a nursing student in the program. My failure to effectively prioritize tasks has at times threatened to prove costly. Prioritizing, strategic planning, learning styles and time management are areas that I have identified or earmarked for improvement. These aspects and reading strategies that will be helpful to me in the BSN program. I will use the strategies mentioned above in the paper to improve on these weaknesses and advance further as a nursing student in this nursing program.


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