How to Write an Article About Businesses?

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You have just finished school and found work as a junior journalist for a local newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on local businesses. You will need to: Describe how each of your businesses is organized. You should include: An description of the organization structure of the business (e. G. Flat, matrix, hierarchy) An outline of how your chosen organization is structured that explains how organizations can be structured according to: Function Geography Product Type of customer You should now explain how the structure of the selected organizations helps them to fulfill their purpose. It is now important that you explore strategic planning for the organization.

You should answer the following questions: What s a mission statement and what are the mission and values of each of your organizations? What are the SMART objectives for your organization? How are strategic aims and (SMART) objectives developed? Can you find out what these are for your chosen organizations? Who is/are at the top of your organizations? What are their job titles? What is their span of control? How are the aims and objectives cascaded through the organization?

To be awarded a Merit your report should include a separate section that elaborates on: The points of view of the various stakeholder groups. What they are trying to achieve from influencing the organizations. The impact they have had in shaping the aims and objectives of the organization. To gain a distinction you must provide an in-depth evaluation of the influence that the stakeholders have including whether.

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