Bangladesh Offers Cheap Labor and Huge Profits for Businesses

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Western fashion companies are attracted to Bangladesh because of low paid labor. In fast fashion, fashion companies have tried to produce clothes cheaper and cheaper. These companies have faced the problem being closing or moving to find a lower cost manufacturing in third countries because of high—cost manufacturing to maintain in Canada. Bangladesh is real allure due to low-paid workers who can work for wages that most people living in the world will not, For example, their salary is 38 dollars per month or 24 cents per houn Making Connections: Sujeet Sennik says that Walmart put “profits before people”. Explain one type of appeal used to support this statement This video used emotional appeal to support the claim that Walmart put “profits before people”. According to Sujeet Sennik, a designer at Walmart corporation, the Rana Plaza, a factory in Bangladesh producing clothes for fashion multinational companies was collapsed which was like as a nightmare for him.

There were thousand people died but no one said nothing he shamed himself. This evidence represents an emotional appeal because the choice of images (clothes in the rubble along with the bodies of workers who made them) and words such as “nightmare”, “shame” to describe how vulnerable poor workers in that collapse as well as create the emotion of sorrow and shame among the viewers when multinational companies put Bangladeshi garment workers in danger situation because of profits. Analysis and Evaluation Bangladeshi garment workers work for next nothing is better than working for nothing because they can have more job opportunities to earn more money than they did.

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In past, these garment workers coming from rural areas and being low educated so they could not find job orjust worked in agriculture in their hometowns with low wages, As multinational companies have come and settled manufactures in Bangladesh, created more and more jobs for local people, For example, in 2003, when Canadian businesses opened in Bangladesh, the import grew by 618% from Bangladesh garment market. This statistic shows that multinational companies have invested and Bangladeshi garment workers have more jobs as well as work to do. In addition, their wage has been higher than they earned when globalization has become popular. According to Barry Lakser, owner a garment business in Montreal and Toronto, he has moved his factory to Bangladesh. He has hired more than a thousand local garment worker and paid them three times the minimum wages. Thus, Bangladeshi workers can work in garment industry with a higher wage than other labor jobs to take care of their families or improve their children to have a better life in the future than now.

Despite these efforts, there are still concerns about the labor conditions in the industry. Human rights groups have called for greater efforts to improve safety and labor rights for workers, while some brands have faced criticism for not doing enough to ensure safe and fair working conditions in their supply chains. In conclusion, Bangladesh’s garment industry offers significant profits and cheap labor for businesses, but the low wages and poor working conditions have led to concerns about labor rights and safety. Efforts are being made to improve conditions in the sector, but more needs to be done to ensure that workers are treated fairly and safely.

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