Different Types of Businesses

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Local – in a single town or city National – multiple businesses in a country International – multiple businesses in multiple country’s regarding only to riding Global – multiple businesses in country’s and production B. List at least 3 different business sectors, with regards to the purpose of the company. Private – for profit only Public- for helping citizens Voluntary – non profit C. List at least 5 different types of company ownership. Sole trader Partnership Government Agency Private Limited Company Public Limited Company D. List at least 5 possible purposes/aims for a company.

To deliver the best service To give the people the best price quality product To make good profits To become international To continue a family tradition E. List and describe at least three different styles how businesses can be organized. 1. By functional area: groups of people that are divided in different area’s such as accounting, marketing and manufacturing. 2. By product or service: it separates the company by products, activities , projects , or geography. This allows the company to have a particular focus on specific items in its business operations 3. Y customer type: you have different customer types you have retail businesses they sell their product to customers that’s a business customer organization. You also have business to business that’s in the whole ale that’s also a organization way. 3. Evidence A. For each of the two selected companies, create a table or listing (see next page for example) with the following information: Business type: The business type of this company, with a description. A clear explanation for your choice. Business sector: The business sector in which this company operates, with a description.

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A clear explanation for your choice. Type of ownership: The type of ownership of this company, with a description. A brief description how the liability for debts is arranged, for this type of ownership. Purposes/aims: At least 2 purposes/aims of this company. B. For each of the two selected companies, give the following information (see below for an example): Provide an organizational diagram of this company, including these functional areas. Describe the style of organizational structure of this company. Explain clearly why you choose that style of organizational structure.

List the 4 most important functional areas of this company. Describe the activities of these functional areas and how they relate to each other Kea Eunice Business types: (inch. An explanation of your choice) Global: they make the reduce in their own factors in different country’s Global: because they deliver their services in multiple country’s and they also have their headquarters in multiple country’s Business sector: Private: because they sell their products for a profit Voluntary: because they are a non profit organization they give their services for no money.

They only collect money to give it to the people. Type of ownership: Liability for debts: private limited company: because its owned by a owner or group It’s a foundation because they give services and they want nothing in return. Business purposes/aims: (at least 2 aims) Make profit Grow Give a product or service Give education Organizational style: By area: because they have company’s all over the world By product or service: because they deliver a service Functional area 1: (inch. Activities and relation to other areas) Customer Service: they help people with complains and they have a relationship with the production to solve the problems if they are very common Purchasing: the products are bought here such as medicines they have a connection with research and development because they need to research for the best medicine in that country or for that disease or so Functional area 2:

Facilities: as a example the food shop it has a relation with marketing because the marketing group can give advertises of the nice food at kea Marketing:Make sure that people donate has a relation with finance Functional area 3: Marketing: Its for advertisement of the kea they have a connection with production because they need to know about witch products are new and they can advertise it Research & Development: they research for the best medicines and make sure that the company grows they have a relation with purchasing because they need to give the best information so that they purchase the best medicines for example.

Functional area 4: Production: create the product they have a connection with customer service because they need to fix the problems Finance: make sure that all the finance is okay and that the money and services come in the country’s has a connection with marketing because they collect the money because of them Organizational diagram: (inch. The functional areas) (attach) 4. Conclusion Give a brief overview what has been discussed in this assignment, and what you have learned from it. We have discussed how two totally different organizations are controlled. I have learned which structures businesses have and what kind of types they have.

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