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Assignment ent

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Assignment Specifications Mr. Bernard has been operating his own canteen at BBC University for the past 15 years. This canteen serves breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices. Last month, Mr. Bernard had received his permanent residence status from the Australia government. He plans to sell off his canteen business and migrate to Australia to stay with his family there. Upon hearing rumors that Mr. Bernard is contemplating a sale of the canteen at BBC University, your boss approached Mr. Bernard to discuss the possibility of purchasing the canteen.

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Mr. Bernard offered to sell the canteen for the price of RUMOR,000. Since your boss is not ere whether it is a good buy at RUMOR,000. He asked you to give him a business valuation report for this canteen at BBC University. Your boss has given you the following information that he obtained from Mr. Bernard and some other sources: a. Currently, BBC University has 10,000 students b. Most of the equipments, furniture and tools are bought about 5 years ago c.

Currently, Mr. Bernard is the manager and he has 10 staffs working under him. The staff turnover rate has been low, with 80% of them has been working here for more than 5 years d. Mr. Bernard still has 6 years rental contract with the university and this contract will main effective for anybody who takes over from Mr. Bernard with the condition that university agree with it. The rental per month is RAMMER. OOH e.

RMI 50,000 Moon Cafe at Twain University (15,000 students) RUMOR,OOH Wan Cafe at Pan Corporation (6,000 employees Required: You have to prepare a business valuation report using the following: Executive Summary Opinion of value Assumptions and Limiting Conditions Business Overview: History of company Services provided Education industry analysis and its impact on canteen business Production process Customers analysis Suppliers Human resources Description of facilities Furniture and Fitting Equipment and Machine Financial Analysis: Asset valuation: Book value method Market valuation method: The going market rate method

Income-based business valuation: Return on investment (ROI) method Referencing Assessment Method The following assessment scheme will be adopted in order to evaluate the elements above: Criteria Allocation of Marks Executive Summary 5 Introduction Models & Conceptual Skills 20 Integration and Synthesis Analysis & Interpretation Prescriptions/Recommendations 15 References Structure & Layout Language & Clarity Marking Criteria Marks are awarded based on the following guidelines: Grade Description of performance level – 100% You should be able to show good application of theories and concepts covered n the subject.

Your business plan should be well thought, with a in depth analysis of all the necessary areas. It should have clearly written points showing originality of thought. You provide correct citations for resources used. No grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and appropriate conclusion. Sufficient references from various sources and not primarily from the Internet. 65% – 74% You should be able to show proper understanding of the theories and concepts chosen from the topics covered in the subject. Your analysis are clearly written and stated, although the contents may not be properly described.

Minimal citation problems relating to style and presentation. Sufficient points noted on company performance and improvement recommendations. Minor grammatical errors, spelling mistakes. Sufficient references but not varied. 50% – 64% You should be able to show some understanding on theories and concepts taught in the subject. Citation problems and minor referencing problems. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Poor references. Below 50% You did not show understanding of the theories and concepts taught. No analysis given or little relevant points were given, disregarding the guidelines.

Citation and referencing problems. Grammatical and spelling mistakes. Minimum references, questionable sources. Submission and Administrative Information Students should include the Coursework Submission and Feedback Form with their submission. The lecturer will give the CUFF before the submission dates. Plagiarism is NOT acceptable Representation of another person’s work as your own, without acknowledgement of the source, for the purpose of satisfying formal assessment requirements is considered plagiarism. The possible consequences of plagiarism include: Reduced grade for this module Referral for this module

Failure of this module Expulsion from the Institution You can avoid plagiarism by using correct referencing, attribution, and proper research technique submission. All submissions must be made before the stipulated time. If the work is submitted after this time it will be given O (zero). Wisped. Com is not a valid nor reliable source for reference and will not be accepted in the assignment. This assignment should not exceed 2,500 words, excluding appendixes.

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