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Assignment how we use computer

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Hybrid courses combine online learning with attendance in a physical classroom to deliver instruction to students. Students are required to attend class at set meeting times, but can experience flexibility and a reduction in the amount of trips to a physical location. Social Media Many college professors are using Backbone, Twitter or Démodé to post their assignments online and to communicate with students outside of class. These social media tools provide students with the benefit of keeping track of assignments and their due dates.

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Assignment how we use computer
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For example, if you have an unexpected emergency and miss class, you can use a social media tool to see what was assigned in class and submit your assignment when it is completed in a digital format. Furthermore, social media offers students a way to ask professors questions and receive prompt responses after office hours. Research Capabilities Computer technology offers students improved research capabilities anytime and anywhere. Databases, available through college libraries or local and state libraries, provide students with quick and comprehensive access to books and articles.

Students no longer need to visit a physical location and spend hours searching through card catalogs. Nowadays, all library collections are digitized and easily searchable, but it is also possible to access the actual sources such as articles, encyclopedias, and even some books from the comfort of your own room within a matter of minutes. In addition, the functionality of advanced online search engines saves students time in locating research materials quickly. Content Management Systems A Content Management Systems (SMS) allows the management of content on website.

Many colleges have a SMS that provides students with the ability to accessed class syllabi, required readings, sample exams and other course materials, including videos and bedposts. Examples of such systems include Blackboard, Desirable and Model. Another benefit of this technology tool is that students are able to keep track of their grades and turn in assignments online. Other Considerations College students with or without disabilities can benefit from other computer technologies as well.

Assisting technologies such as multimode reading (see and ear text aloud programs) empower students with disabilities to comprehend information and successfully complete assignments. Other technologies such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs offer students tools to manage and complete assignments in a timely manner.

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