The Power of Corruption

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Many mimes this belief comes from the numerous stories of powerful men behaving badly. Several of these stories are of those in power being unfaithful to their wives, and stealing money for personal gain. However, just because there are those powerful individuals who become corrupt, does not mean that everyone who comes into power, automatically becomes corrupt. Power does not always lead to exploitation. Being empowered increases the individuals sense of power and in some cases, one study showed that those who felt empowered were better workers who had fewer errors while on the job (Pickett, K. 008). However, the question is; does power corrupt all leaders, or is it that leaders often have to make choices, which seem corrupted, in the best interest of society as a whole? President Lincoln was a prime example of this. President Lincoln was born in 1809 to poor parents, married in 1842, and had four sons, all of whom all passed away at an early age, but one (Whitehorse. Gob. , n. D). He fought strong and hard in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, wrote the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation, he preserved and saved the Union.

While some people thought some of Lincoln tactics were corrupt, he made those decisions in order to preserve our Nation, and Lincoln needed to make those decisions. In today’s world, Governor Robert Bentley is another example of a powerful man who, has remained uncorrupted. Upon taking office Governor Bentley stated he would not take pay for being the Governor, and to date has not done so (The Office of Alabama Governor, 2014). Governor Bentley has maintained his promises to the best of his abilities and the best interest of the people, and his that in God has remained strong.

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Before coming into office Governor Bentley established his own Dermatology practice, which grew to become one of the largest in Southeast Alabama. Many times Dry. Bentley give free medical care to those who could not afford it. This shows that Governor Bentley has always maintained the best interests of the people. There is no doubt that as President, Abraham Lincoln has power and control. The same is true for Governor Robert Bentley. Each man may have made decisions that seemed unfair or corrupt in their time in office.

However, each man’s integrity has remained in tack. Just because an individual makes a decision that is unpopular does not make him corrupted. Both President Lincoln and Governor Bentley acted or has acted in the best interests of the people. Corrupted is a perversion of integrity. Making unpopular decisions does not make a person corrupt. While many people believe that power makes a person corrupt. This writer does not feel power corrupts. Leaders, as well as group members, should have empowerment. Empowerment makes one fit for a job and make fewer mistakes.

Being empowered does not mean that a person will not make mistakes, even at times have to go back on their word. Being empowered means to have enough confidence in oneself to do the job, to do that job fairly, and to the best of that individual’s ability. Being corrupted does not mean making less popular decisions, it simply means keeping the individuals or the group’s best interest at heart. At times, this means making decisions an individual would say he would never make. References Henderson, D. (2013). Lord Action on “Power Corrupts. ” Library of Economics ND Liberty.

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