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    This in turn resulted in a company restructure, loss of staff, voluntary redundancies, service’s cut and others reduced across Gauge Birmingham as a whole. We have had to make further cuts in places across the workforce for this financial year 2014-15 as Birmingham city Council have now completely withdrawn funding for elderly peoples day care services. Smaller services outside of the Gauge umbrella due to lack of Council funding are now being forced to close.

    In turn we are managing to continue and bring back our previous services on the back of others inability to provide but this is a very slow process. We are now looking at offering a second day of day care but currently we do not have any staff to action this and management are reluctant to have paid staff and have now suggested using volunteers to run this service. As current centre manager I am managing 7 part-time paid staff and 10 volunteers on a Monday to Friday basis. Below is a basic chart showing the main on-site operation within The Scott Centre under the Gauge Birmingham umbrella.

    KEY TO STAFFING STRUCTURE Management Paid Paid Staff Volunteer Unpaid Description of the problem All budgets have now been reigned in but we are still required to keep services p and create new ones. This becomes quite a challenge due to a small staff base. As numbers increase in day care, this becomes more difficult. Creating new services becomes quite impossible as we are using volunteers who can’t always make the same days and times. We have managed to utilities volunteers in other services but only along side paid staff.

    We have now been asked to look at starting a second day of day care using just volunteers across this service. Nature of the Problem The problem is to assess and present to senior management the pros, cons ND options of employing staff to cover a new service in favor of relying on volunteers completely and to show the long term benefits of an increased good deliverable service. If we had a minimum of three new staff and a more structured routine of what days and times we would expect from the volunteers on their enrolment day, we could possibly utilities and measure our staffing levels better and work more efficiently.

    In turn this would make for better staff morale, a better delivery of service, satisfied clients, increase in client base and an increase of profits. The Scope of the Problem If we continue to operate with minimal staff or volunteers alone the implications could result in major revenue loss and it could in turn contribute to the closure of services provided at the centre and staff would certainly face job loses if clients decided not to attend anymore due to an inconsistent service due to lack of staff.

    Impact of the Problem The full impact this problem is having on our current services is as follows SMS are now expecting us to build up the 1 day of day care by increasing our numbers but using the same amount of staff and staff now have an increased work load. Staff morale is down and this then filters down to clients attending our services who pick up on this. Clients become board with repeating the same activists due to the current staffs lack of time to be able to compile new ideas within working hours Staff are reluctant to agree to any new service as they currently are comparing the service being delivered at present. New services become impossible get off the ground as SMS will not pay staff resulting in no increase in profits which is very demoralizing. Analysis of the Problem When we were approached to start a second day of day care we held a team eating and brain stormed our ideas through a thought shower to enable us to identify the cause of the problem using the 5 whys theory. We asked the following questions to the cause; 1. Why can’t we start a second day of day care? 2. Why don’t we have any staff? 3. Why don’t we use all volunteers? 4. Why can’t we use all paid staff? 5.

    Why are SMS being cautious? Cause/option 1 To run an extra day of day care for 10 clients and above we would need 3 careers and a driver. We don’t have any paid staff to run it so we would need to ask existing staff if they would like extra hours Cause/option 2 Senior Management wants us to use all volunteers as opposed to all paid staff to run it. This option would not even get off the ground. For example, Volunteer drivers are very hard to come by as they have to have very strict criteria to be able to driver passenger buses. Cause/option 3 Not reliable enough as paid staff are.

    Any other volunteers as we have found in the past do not have the commitment that would be needed to operate a regular service. When two people do not to not turn up or go on holiday for 3 months the service is unable to operate. Cause/option 4 Management are looking to cut costs and are being cautious but by not speculating on what services we can provide we are missing open opportunities to capture an audience and a need for services. Cause/option 5 Due to lack of funding for this financial year management are now pulling in on anything that doesn’t generate any income for profit.

    Resolution of the problem What we aim to achieve; Our aim is to find a way of providing adequate staff to ensure that the second day of day care is successful and profitable. And we will utilities volunteers effectively across all services to help paid staff. We can then use this as a new remodeled service as an example to improve on our current day care service. To evaluate the solution further we used the pros and cons tool to create possible solutions. Solution 1 – Setting up anther day of day care with paid staff Pros 1. Existing staff could gain an increase in hours 2. Recruit agency staff Cons 1 .

    Staff may not want extra hours or overtime 2. Staff salary increase could be more than income obtained 3. Agency staff can be expensive Solution 2 – using volunteers only pros 1 . Volunteers give their time freely to help at no cost 2. We have quite a large bank of volunteers to rotate and utilities Cons 1 . Volunteers can’t always commit to every week 2. Not always comfortable in totally running a project without paid staff. Solution – 3 using a 50/50 staff ratio of paid and volunteer workers Pros 1 . Keeps staff wages to minimum 2. Clients already know existing staff and volunteers 3.

    Volunteers are more receptive to take on a given task if paid staff are present to guide them even if not needed. 4. Volunteers are more willing to cover for ground level staff when on holiday or sick leave. 5. Provides more staff and help o meet the needs of the clients and deliver a SUccessfUl service 6. Successful service leads to profits 1. Could end up with more staff than clients 2. Salary expenses could be higher than income if client base doesn’t increase Option Analysis: In a team meeting we looked at the pros and cons of all the options, then analyses each option to decide which would work best across the service.

    The table below shows each option and criteria to score how effective it would be. The option that best met the criteria scored a 4 and the least met scored a 1. Criteria All paid staff All volunteers 50/50 staff ratio Time Factor 4 Salary 2 3 Skill based staff Risk to clients Ease of project Likelihood of SMS agreeing Profit Total 19 18 21 We have also showed the results on a pie chart as percentages mathematically and visually to help chose and evidence the outcome.

    Identification of Resource impacts We would not expect to receive any resource impacts from this decision as kitchen staff are already on site every day to provide for our sister day centre and materials have already been factored into the option. Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone) Evidencing the option choices to back up the decision network diagram We evidenced to SMS the staff costing comparisons if we were to enter into a second day. We used the following facts; Ten existing clients had expressed an interest in a second day of day care at the Scott centre.

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