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If You Cant Be Good Beg Good at It

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  • Pages 2
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    If you cant be good be good at it
    If you cant be good be careful
    If you cant be good at least make it look good

    These are the famous wise words of the one and only…… my father.

    I know what you’re thinking how can words so often frowned upon by society, be wise?

    Well for the simple reason that what is being good, if you can’t have fun? Is it having an ordinary life, eventually achieving the goal of a dead end job, kids and a spouse you hate? Sounds pretty boring to me.

    Or is it not essentially being perfect or doing what’s expected by society but rather enjoying life and what it has to offer. Daring, yet those are the words my father never fails to forget to tell me every day. Most of you probably think he’s a G or G for a giant idiot! I could be going out every day, drinking, meeting strangers, bunking and doing whatever I want because he encourages it. But I don’t and that’s the beauty of it.

    Nelson Mandela once said “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
    And that is why it is the greatest wisdom that I have learnt in my life thus far.

    Many people make the mistake of misinterpreting the words if u can’t be good be good at it to if you’re going to steal, don’t get caught. but no essentially it’s not saying if you going to be a criminal, be smooth or if life offers you drugs, take as much of it as you can or if you don’t do as well as others rebel but what it is saying and I’m saying is it’s not always necessary to be the halo above the wings but to let the wings fly in the wind every now and again.

    If you can’t be good be careful. Yes, most of us are turning 18 this year and since we’re all starting out with matric I know this is probably one of the worst topics to talk about. Or so you think. but that’s where if you can’t be good be careful comes into relevance.
    Do you want to look back at your matric year as an emotionless story of success or regrets of not achieving.

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