If You Cant Be Good Beg Good at It

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If you are unable to behave morally, then excel at whatever you do. If you cannot be good, exercise caution. If being virtuous is not possible, make sure that your actions appear commendable.

These wise words are from my father, who is famous and one of a kind.

How can words, which society often frowns upon, be considered wise?

Why be good if you can’t have fun? Is it just living a mundane life, reaching the unfulfilling objective of a monotonous job, children, and a partner that you despise? It sounds incredibly dull.

Instead of emphasizing perfection or adhering to societal norms, the real essence lies in accepting and appreciating life’s blessings. These are the empowering words that my father never fails to share with me every day. While some may perceive him as a G or G for a foolish person on a large level, I could easily indulge in daily adventures, drinking, meeting strangers, neglecting responsibilities, and pursuing every desire because he supports it. However, I opt not to do so, and that is what adds beauty to everything.

Nelson Mandela believes that when individuals are denied the chance to live by their convictions, they will feel compelled to revolt. This insight has had a profound impact on me and is the most important wisdom I have encountered.

Despite some individuals mistakenly interpreting the saying “if u can’t be good, be good at it” as endorsing criminal behavior or excessive drug use, its intended meaning is different. The phrase actually conveys that perfection or adherence to societal norms is not always necessary. Rather, it promotes the embrace of personal freedom and the ability to make independent choices.

If you are unable to be good, then be cautious. It is true that most of us will be turning 18 this year and embarking on our matric journey. I understand that discussing this topic may not be ideal, but that is exactly why the concept of being careful if you can’t be good is important.

Do you want to reminisce about your matric year as a detached tale of triumph, or do you want it filled with regrets for not accomplishing what you had hoped?

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