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There are several ports that you must open in order for windows media services to work properly as well as some of its features. Im am only going to name a few basic ports that must be opened relative to this assignment. The first and most vital port that must be opened is actually a group of port that are necessary for multicast streaming and these are ports within the range of 1 – 65000. With incase streaming either port 1 755 or port 80 must be opened depending on which transport protocol you are using.

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When using a distribution treat port 7007 must be opened in order to utilized server to server MOMS connections. 2. The recommended security method for Windows Media Service is secure sockets layer (SSL). SSL provides the highest level of security by encrypting data before it is sent across the network. Authentication is handled by utilizing certificates either purchased through a third party, or created by your organization. With SSL a password is not needed because the certificate handles the authentication process, but that does not necessarily mean a surname and sword cannot be used.

In fact, the best way to secure you windows media service is with a combination of user credentials as well as SSL. 3. When using basic authentication with Windows Media Service one advantage is that it is simple to use and compatible with most browser, proxy servers, and firewalls. Now, this is good if you are working on a local area network that is known to be secure, but if you are working on a larger network it is best to use basic authentication in conjunction with SSL.

Basic authentication is usually not preferred when working on a network with multiple servers because it provides a low level of security not encrypting credentials before they are sent across the network. Basic authentication should be used with caution and only with small Élan’s that are secure. 4. One protocol used my Windows Media Services is RATS or real time streaming protocol. This is an application layer protocol that is used to control delivery of real-time data such as audio and video content.

Another protocol that is seed in tandem with R TTS is RAT P or real time transport protocol, which is used to select the most efficient transport protocol when streaming media over the network. The third protocol used is HTTP or hyper text transfer protocol. HTTP is used when ports on your firewall cannot be opened.

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