Attitude and Allies

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Make Attitude Your Allies

Attitude is mirror of our mind, what we think is shown by how we act. They reflect thinking. We don’t need language to say’’I envy you”, or “that im hungry” people speak all this without a sound. You can read the mind of your friend, just by his expressions and mannerisms, and only you can you do that evrytime!!!!!!!

It’s even shown by the voice tone and inflections. If a secretary says “good morning, mr.A’s office” in just five words we can interpret two different meanings just by her tone. She may have said in a very enthusiastic tone which tells that she is glad to attend your call and that she thinks that you are important and she like her job. Whereas the same line said in a monotonous tone may mean that she wished that you hadn’t call and she don’t like her job. Even after millions of years developing a language more than the groans and moans , still we communicate by our body and facial expressions, sounds and words that is the only way we communicate with infants and even those young ones are able to connect with the phony. Attitudes do make difference if we look positive we can achieve better than what we expect ,it make dealing with people effective ,enable you to lead in every situation.
Making allies with the three attitudes that is of being activated, making important and at service first can make big difference .

Being Activated

You might have many times seen when in a class of a teacher who always have a ruler in one hand and a book in another and keep speaking endlessly for those fifty five minutes all the fellow class mate even might be you got to sleep have you ever thought “why are we ignoring what the professor has to say???” the answer is that students have no interest in what professor is saying because professor himself is not interested . To activate others to be enthusiastic you first must be enthusiastic you must be enthusiastic yourself. It has always hold true person who lack enthusiasm can never develop.

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