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Change Of Mindset And Attitude

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change of mindset and attitude

It is common to have things we want to change that we feel are beyond our control or are not our decision to make. We may feel we have a better way of doing something, a better solution, or a better approach. However, despite this desire to improve and change something around us, many people just resign to accepting things the way they are because they feel there is no way to easily change them. Perhaps we tried in the past and were unsuccessful or we complained and asked someone to change what we disliked, but ultimately nothing was ever done or resolved.

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Change Of Mindset And Attitude
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Whatever the case may be, we have reached the conclusion that certain things will just never change. And, as a result, we end up just accepting and dealing with a situation that we know should be improved.
However, there is another way we should look at things we feel are beyond our control and another approach we can take.

There is an alternaview we should be aware of.

Control Your Life: The alternaview
The alternaview is that while it is certainly true that certain decisions are not ours to make, in the vast majority of instances, when we step back and look at all aspects of any situation, there actually are many things we are capable of influencing and controlling about the situation. We should never abandon our hopes and desires to change and improve something, even if it feels to be something that is beyond our control. However, we have to make certain that we are appropriately focusing our efforts on the right things and positively impacting, influencing and changing those things we can.
Every circumstance can be broken down into 3 pieces:
(1) Things you can control
(2) Things you can’t control
(3) Things you can influence

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Change Of Mindset And Attitude. (2018, Aug 15). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/change-of-mindset-and-attitude/

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