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Audience Analysis Paper Sample

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As a director. quarterly meetings are imperative in order to maintain every director every bit good as employee. aware of how the company is making fruitfully every bit good as financially. In these meetings each director is called upon to turn to the District Manager. Regional Manager. Shop Managers every bit good as all AT & A ; T Stakeholders for the west seashore market the presentation is to turn to both internal and external channels of concern. Directors inside the company every bit good as stakeholders outside the company are in attending of quarterly meetings.

One of the subjects discussed is twelvemonth over twelvemonth Numberss every bit good as month over month Numberss. Shop directors are required to show a presentation of the shops current standings financially. how much pes traffic they receive. how many new histories are activated. upgraded. optional characteristics tacked on histories every bit good as an action program to increase chances. When turn toing the panel of directors I prepare a power point presentation with all of my shops fiscal information every bit good as my action program and net income per chance.

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Audience Analysis Paper Sample
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When turn toing the directors. the features I have to see is. what this meeting is traveling to carry through. how to turn to the single involvements of each director and give each person the information I assume they will appreciate and expect to see pay frontward. Each director is looking to see what I have prepared to portion. In the retail universe. everyone’s payroll check is at interest. Therefore. everyone wants to cognize how you are traveling to procure yours every bit good as everyone else’s. The channels of communicating for a meeting such as this are considered face to face. The presentation is given in forepart of all the directors while you stand and go through each subject of treatment. While giving the presentation another communicating channel used is electronic. The presentation I prepare is power point which is transmitted from my lap top onto a jutting screen in forepart of the room where everyone can see it. Each slide displays footers for me to reflect on the information of each slide every bit good as giving the panel a chart so they can visually understand the figures I have calculated. The charts communicate where my shop was a couple old ages ago in both fiscal every bit good as client volume.

Year over twelvemonth projections are displayed every bit good as month over month charts in order to expose what my shops average is and what the projections of my shop expression like. While I go through each slide I speak utilizing the notes I made for myself every bit good as slugs repeating my points. In quarterly meetings it is appropriate to utilize electronics and fix a presentation because it shows that a director is prepared to turn to any issues or concerns and is wholly cognizant of how their shop is runing and how to run it. Verbal face to confront communicating is besides the most appropriate channel of communicating to utilize because you are able to demo the directors how confident you are as a director by showing organic structure linguistic communication every bit good as verbally turn toing all directors in a professional mode. The meeting is more personable as each meeting occurs. directors get to cognize one another every bit good as communicate on a more regular footing and portion ideas and thoughts. While I communicate to all of the directors. I observe my ain ethical criterions every bit good as what I perceive to be others criterions every bit good.

In a concern such as the one I work in. organisations are ever viing for the highest net incomes every bit good as to be the best in the market. Sing my audience I know they want to hear how I plan to efficaciously run into or transcend fiscal projections implemented from the computations I have done. As a director I try to pass on clear way every bit good as ends. Direction and ends is directed to everyone. but most significantly. to the AT & A ; T stakeholders. AT & A ; T is ever interested in how we are traveling to continue in concern ; where as my territory director and regional director want to hear the fiscal standings of the presentation. To the directors on a the shop degree. I offer my thoughts and suggestions of how I am traveling to travel about concern and how I plan to do my grade on the map. In order for my presentation to travel over swimmingly. I have to acquire a feel for my audience so I can efficaciously put the tone of my presentation. I am a really vocal person with a sense of wit. I enjoy raising the tenseness and the promoting the temper of the group. and integrate a small spot of laughter. The diverseness of the group is a mixture of persons who are concern professional. being serious when they need to be serious. emphasis of import points of involvement. and basking a small spot of wit as good.

Keeping the diverseness of the group in head. I can efficaciously pass on and present a presentation to hit on all subjects and involvements of the group in the meeting. Effective communicating across both channels is necessary for a concern to boom. Internal communicating keeps a concern viable. Without communicating between all degrees of the concern. directives can non be completed. decelerating the growing of the concern. External communicating is the lifeblood of a concern. Without clear communicating of a company’s merchandises to clients. a concern will non turn. ( Francis. 2009 ) The quarterly directors meetings are an effectual manner for all directors internal and external to pass on. Having the presentations take topographic point in a face to confront communicating channel allows a clear signifier of pass oning information from one side of the concern to the other.

Leting all stakeholders and directors to be present gives each director the chance to talk with about everyone involved within the organisation and concern. Some companies do non interact with certain degrees within their company such as the VP. Board of Directors. ECT. Fortunately my company welcomes the communicating between one another. The face to confront communicating besides allows us to pass on on a more personable degree. The fact that if I have any inquiries. I have all of my higher up’s phone Numberss and can reach them whenever I have a inquiry is exceeding unfastened agencies of communicating.


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Why Good Communication is Good Business. ( 2005. December ) . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. coach. wisc. edu/update/winter05/business_communication. asp

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