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Target Audience Analysis: Toyota Prius

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Environmentally Friendly People who are concern about the environment and want to do something to help saving it. Value Conscious People who looks for an agreeable price versus benefits either in the long term or short term. All three attributes of target consumer are likely to be exposed to the equivalent amount of outdoor and ambient advertising. Most buyers will be a mix of all three attributes. GEOGRAPHIC: The private buyer will be from anywhere either developed or developing countries. This can be endorsed to the problems of pollution being more widely spread.

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Target Audience Analysis: Toyota Prius
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Consequently the target buyer is more likely to come from an urban area or a large city. Most of the buyers will seek for long-term benefit from Pries since the price is relatively high compare to other c segment cars but the fact that it is a hybrid car, the long-term benefit will eventually cancel out the extended cost of the car. They might also seek the benefit of helping the environment as well since Pries is extremely fuel efficient and more environmental friendly than non- hybrid cars.

USAGE: It is fair to Say that motor vehicles are products that were designed to be used extensively often or up to daily.

According to the demographic analysis, the targeted consumers are the ones that are likely to have family, and with Emily came responsibilities which might have an impact on increasing the use of motor vehicles. TARGET MARKET PROFILE: MEDIA CONSUMPTION: According to the demographic, cryptographic, and geographic, the target consumer belongs to the ABA socio-economic segment who is aged between 30 to 50 years old, live in either urban or sub urban areas, and are environmental friendly and value conscious.

There have been a finding proven that these ABA socio-economic people spend on average of 17 hours online each week, which represents 34% of their weekly media time. 75% of them own a laptop computer and 60% more likely Han the total population to regularly access the Internet via their smart phones. Their top 3 online activities are, email, online banking, and general browsing. The media consumption of ABA socio-economic segment is enormously higher than other segments as seen in the Index of Media Behavior, especially the use of Internet.

Toyota Pries is one of the first c segment hybrid cars (use gasoline and electricity to drive the car) available on the market. Therefore the competition is extremely low. Honda Insight is considered to be the first direct competitor since it came out a few months later after Toyota Pries. However, Honda Insight has many disadvantages compare to the Pries. Although, Honda Insight has a relatively lower price than the Pries but it lacks safety security and is not as comfortable as the Pries.

The target market consumers of Toyota Pries are both male and female who lives in the urban and sub-urban area. Their age ranges from 30 to 50 years old and is likely to have families. They are considered to be in the ABA socio-economic class which means that they have high education and high income. They are also environmental friendly and concern about the increasing of oil price. The ABA socio-economic people tend to consume a lot f media through the use of Internet either on their laptop, computer, or mobile phone.

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