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As a student taking a public speaking class, I have chosen a subject that focuses on effective presentation skills. My purpose for this talk is to apply my knowledge on public speaking to practical use and to build on the audience’s existing knowledge on the subject. I want my audience to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and to think about the points I make. My audience comes from various cultures and has similar demographics and educational attainment as myself. This talk is appropriate for them because it is relevant to the class, and I have the opportunity to demonstrate effective public speaking principles. My audience will find this talk interesting and useful because it is a subject we all care about. They likely have a rudimentary knowledge of the topic, and their attitude towards it will depend on their values and beliefs. During my presentation, I can expect nonverbal and verbal clues from the audience on their interest in my message and my ability to capture their attention. If I convey my message effectively, I can expect a favorable response from my audience.

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Why have I chosen this subject?  Since this is a class about public speaking, it is but a natural choice for me to choose a subject that dwells on that subject’s area.

What is my purpose for this talk? Aside from building my public-speaking skills, the purpose of this talk is to use my knowledge on effective presentation and apply it to practical use. I also aim to build on what the audience already knows about public speaking and use it to elaborate on more specific points on the subject.

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What do I want the audience to know and do as a result of my presentation?  I would like my audience to gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subject I’m presenting. I would also like my presentation to make my audience think and at least ponder on whatever points I make.

Who is my audience, and what are their relevant demographics and psychographics for this talk?  My audience comes from different cultures and racial backgrounds. With regards to demographics, most of them come from the same age bracket and have about the same educational attainment such as mine.

Why is this talk appropriate for this audience? A topic about public speaking is only appropriate for a public-speaking class. Not only can I apply the principles of effective pubic speaking, I also have the opportunity to broaden my audience’s knowledge by actually presenting in action the very topic that I am talking about.

Why should my audience find my talk interesting or useful? My talk will be very useful as it is about a subject we’re all concerned about—public speaking, that is. We all have a common interest, and as such, my topic will be very beneficial for my audience.

What is my audience’s probable knowledge of my subject? Since we all come from the same class, it would be reasonable to say that that most (if not all) of the people in my audience are learned and educated, with at least a rudimentary knowledge of the subject I’m presenting.

What is my audience’s probable attitude toward my subject? The audience’s attitude towards my subject will greatly depend on their attitudes, values, and beliefs. It will also rely on my credibility as a speaker and how I effectively express my views and support my statements.

What response can I reasonably expect from my audience during my presentation?  Nonverbal clues and verbal responses would clue me in on the audience’s interest in my presentation’s message, as well as their interest in me as a speaker. I believe their response would greatly depend on my effectiveness in conveying my message, as well as my ability to grab their attention should it start to wane—if I am able to do my work well, I can expect a favorable response from my audience.

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