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The issue of teenagers drinking alcohol is a growing concern in many communities, including Water House. This topic was chosen because of the serious consequences that can result from alcohol abuse. Many teenagers turn to alcohol for various reasons, including stress, sexual abuse, and low self-esteem. To gather information on this issue, a questionnaire was used as a confidential and reliable method of data collection. The questionnaire asked about the causes and effects of alcohol use among teenagers in Water House. The research was conducted in a representative sample of the population, involving people of all ages, genders, and residential areas. The results of this research will provide valuable insights into the factors contributing to alcohol abuse among teenagers in Water House, and will assist in the development of strategies to address this issue.

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Teenagers who consume alcohol frequently disregard the possible dangers associated with it. It is crucial to acknowledge that alcohol misuse can result in serious repercussions. A considerable portion of teenagers in my community turn to alcohol due to stress, sexual abuse, and low self-esteem. This is why I selected this topic, as drinking alcohol has consequences that go beyond its immediate effects.

The data was collected using a questionnaire, which was chosen for its advantages in terms of confidentiality and reliability. The questionnaire takes a significant amount of time to complete but can reach a large number of individuals. One major advantage is that it ensures respondent confidentiality by not requiring names. The specific purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about the causes and effects of alcohol consumption among teenagers in the Waterhouse community. This SABA Assignments fulfills EX requirements. Please respond to all questions by selecting the appropriate answer or providing a written response if applicable.

1. Gender: Male
2. Age group: 15-20, 21-26, 27-29
3. Area of residence: 30-ever, Rural, Urban, Suburban, Inner-city
4. What are the reasons behind students/juveniles consuming alcohol? Frustration, Peer Pressure, Family members, Social events
5. According to your viewpoint, which age group consumes the highest amount of alcohol? 15-20, 21-26, 27-29, 30-over
6.Do students/juveniles’ behavior contribute to their alcohol consumption? If yes please explain why; if no please explain why.
7.How does alcohol impact individuals? Loss of coordination,Liver or kidney damage Helps control temper/anger issues.

The procedure used to collect data for relieving emotional and mental stress was conducted in the community of Water House, in St. Andrew. When conducting research, it is often impossible to reach every person in the country, so a representation sample of the population area was taken. This ensured that people from all religions, ages, sexes, and backgrounds were included. The sample was selected by starting with the first house and then skipping three houses until the desired number was reached. If the members of a selected house were not at home, a copy of the questionnaire was left at their doorstep with a note. The completed questionnaires were collected at a later date.

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