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Ayesha Lord Social Studies Sba

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Teenagers using alcohol not bearing mind the risk that follows. Alcohol abuse may lessen in mind towards serious measures have to be taken in consideration. People nowadays are asking these questions, why teenagers are drinking alcohol and what they don’t know is its lay right in front of them. There are a lot of teenagers in my community turn to alcohol for various reasons like: stress, sexual abuse, low self-esteem those are some of the reason. That’s the reason for choosing this topic because are drinking alcohol an there is consequences beyond it.

Method of investigation

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Ayesha Lord Social Studies Sba
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The method used to collect data was a questionnaire. The reason for using this method is because it’s confidential and reliable to the number of advantages: 1. It requires time to be complete 2. It reaches a large number of persons 3. It guarantee confidential since respondents are not required to attach their names. Questionnaire The following questionnaire was designed to gather information on the causes and effects of alcohol on teenagers in water house community.

This SABA Assignments is done to complete the requirement for EX.. Please answer all questions with a tick or where appropriate with a written espouse. Gender Male 2. Age group 15-20 21-26 27-29 3. Area of residential 30-ever Rural Urban Sub-urban Inner-city 4. What do you think are the causes of students/ juvenile drinking alcohol Frustration Peer Pressure Family members Social events 5. Which of the following age group you think drink most alcohol 15-20 21-26 27-29 30-Over 6. Do you think that behavior of students/ juvenile contribute to the drinking alcohol. Lives, State why? If No, state why? 7. In what way does alcohol affect the individuals? Loss of coordination Damage liver or kidney Help to control temper/anger problem

Relief emotional and mental stress Procedure used to collect data The research was conducted in the community of water house, in SST Andrew. In conducting a research it’s likely impossible to reach all the people in the country, therefore the research takes a representation sample Of the population area so as to involve people of all religion, ages, sex and accusation. This was done by selecting respondent by starting with the first house; skip 3 houses until the number was achieved. In case the members of all the following were not at home, we left a copy of the questionnaire at their door tepee with a note. This was collected ATA later date.

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