“Boy pUsit” A reaction paper in Social Studies

Submitted to: Mr. de los reyes Submitted by: Hazel g. Ramirez I. Introduction Last October 21, 2012 we watched a documentary film entitled “Boy Pusit. ” It was a story about children who catch squids. They live near the sea so it was their way of living. The children want to help their parents so they catch squids. The children who catch squids don’t have that time and money to go to school and some do not go to school anymore. Boy Pusit is not only about the story of children catching squids but it is also about the life and struggles of these people in order to attain a sustainable life.

It is not only a documentary film showing the life of others but it is also a film where we can learn something from it. This documentary film shows the value of sacrifice, a sacrifice of time, sacrifice of energy, and sacrifice of learning. II. Summary In the documentary the speaker meet three kids namely Jameson, Estoy, and Jason. All of them catch squids for their errand and for their family. Every morning they set out to the sea and prepare their nets. The children were taught how to catch squids by their parents.

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They fish by diving into the water and they wear goggles and improvised fins made out of wood. They attract squids in the net by splashing the water on the surface or they get rocks and toss them into the sea. There are more children squid catchers than adults because children don’t get tired easily and they move faster than adults do. Most of the time the squid catchers makes 20 dives a day and most of the time their catch is not even enough to sustain their families’ needs. The children says that they still go to school but heir teacher said that most of the children who catch squids attend once or thrice a week only. In addition he said that fishing squids takes much of the children’s time especially when its harvesting and planting season. He also said that only few squid catchers who are students wouldn’t be able to pursue higher education. Their parents also think that they would never finish their studies because of financial problems. For children squid catchers, education maybe out of reach but they still have high hopes that they can finish their schooling.

If they have a choice, the children said that they would chose to be in school than to fish for squids. They want to finish their education than to spend their life working and catching squids. Every vacation especially summer, children who are squid catchers increases in number because they need to save again for a new school year and they need to work for their families’ needs and expenses. III. Reaction My reaction is that I felt sorry for those kids. I felt sorry because they didn’t have a choice. Their only choice was to work for their families for them to sustain their families’ needs.

I felt very lucky and I was thankful for my life because I was more fortunate because I had a more comfortable life than theirs. I can go a week to school and do not even work for my family yet. IV. Lesson I learned to don’t lose hope in this documentary because people just hope that they will survive everyday and the children don’t lose hope to finish their education. I learned the true meaning of sacrifice, the true meaning of sacrifice is letting go of something for you to finish one thing. I learned to be thankful for what I have because not all people are fortunate to have a comfortable life.

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