Baby dumping among the teenagers

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The seven main causes of baby dumping among teenagers in Kuala Lumpur include lack of religious upbringing, poor application of religious knowledge, lack of parental care supervision, family break-up, peer influence, media influence, and economic problems. Lack of religious upbringing and poor application of religious knowledge cause teenagers to engage in negative behaviors such as free sex, leading to unwanted pregnancies and the abandonment of babies in public places. Lack of parental care and family break-ups also contribute to baby dumping, as teenagers may not receive the necessary support and guidance from adults. Peer influence and media influence can also lead teenagers to engage in promiscuous activities, and economic problems may result in prostitution and the abandonment of unwanted babies.

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Seven main causes of baby dumping among teenagers in Kuala Lumpur

  1. Lack of religious upbringing. In this case, we don’t deny that the lack of religious upbringing is the main reason for baby dumping cases to occur. Usually, groups of adolescents are involved in the case of abandoned babies. Lack of religious teachings and guidance to life cause them to lose direction in life and engage in negative symptoms, such as free association. Adolescents who are engaged in free sex tend to result in unwanted pregnancy before marriage. In this situation, teens who lose their faith measure inhumane and would leave their newborns in places like public toilets, litter bins, side drains and so on
  2. Poor application of religious knowledge “Religious prayer pole” said our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. When someone lacks of their religious prayers, their whole life is damaged. Without religious, humans are blind as they cannot have proper guidance to life.
  3. Lack of parental care supervision. Sometimes, parents are always busy with their work. Teenagers must pay attention to them a lot. They need love and they need friends to talk about their problems. Some teenagers like to take opinions from their friends of different gender. When that happen, some of their boyfriends take advantage to do free promiscuity. When unwanted babies are born they are dumped because of absence of adult adence.
  4. Family break-up. Family break-ups happen after a long period of misunderstandings, fighting and unhappiness. Sometimes they happen suddenly and it is hard for children to understand the situation. Children are mostly affected by this kind of situation. If both their mother and father decide to a divorce and cannot raise their children alone, the tendency is that they will dump their child. This child will become homeless and find himself alone.
  5. Peer Influence. In addition, peer influence also leads to cases of baby dumping occurred. This is because at a young age, teens are very easily influenced by their peers. This problem becomes worse when they associate with negative peers. Negative friends will invite young people to do things outside the boundaries of religion and norms of society, such as going to places of entertainment such as disco, taking drugs and doing free association. Many teens who fall into promiscuity, and eventually reach a dead end to find her self with unwanted pregnancy. In desperation, they have to discard their babies.
  6. Media influence. As we know, media such as Majalah Mangga, URTV always publishes many articles and news about social life. Sometimes television also highlights social life. Such matters encourage teenagers to follow the example expose.
  7. Economic problem (poverty). If the teenagers come from poor family, they always have economic problem. Sometimes they see economic problem as a one way to go far away from the family. Sometimes they become prostitude to make some easy money. So from promiscuous activity. When unwanted babies are borned, without think, they dump the babies anywhere without mercy.

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