Effects of Baby Dumping

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The issue of baby dumping has significant effects on individuals, society, and infant mortality rates. Many people are emotionally and psychologically affected by this problem and those who are unable to have children are particularly impacted. The act of baby dumping is considered inhumane and creates a negative image for society. Infants who are abandoned often suffer physically and mentally, leading to high rates of infant mortality. It is important to take measures to reduce the number of baby dumping cases and prevent the negative effects it has on the Namibian nation.

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Effects to the individuals

There is a number of individuals that gets so affect by the issue of baby dumping, such big things happenings affects them both emotionally and psychologically. Some people feel so bad seeing and hearing them every day. In some cases women who are unable to give birth, are mostly affected with the reason being that those that are blessed with kids are abandoning them an those that wants to love and care for them are not given that opportunity.

In decency to the society
This issue brings a lot of in decency to the society and it is not a very good thing since it creates a bad image to other societies. Its is regarded inhuman and very disturbing for a women to flow away their own blood and yet claims to be leaders for tomorrow.

High Number of the infant mortality rate
Baby dumping have a very big effect on the well being of the babies, it affects the baby both physically and in their mental states as well. Baby dumping leads to kids starving since nobody is there to take of them and they might have no one o give them food nor water and always end up dying in which this increase the number of infants mortality in the country

In conclusion baby dumping have a very impact in our Namibian nation and it largely affects the individuals in our country, it brings in decency to the society and it also increases the number of infant mortality rate in the country. Measures can be taken in order to reduces the rate of baby dumping and also to prevent this well stated effects towards the nation.

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