Behaviorism Assignment Essay

Please Diagram the example.

This example is operant conditioning: Finding change in the coin return Positive Reinforcement Case 2: Ales cat, Mr.. Beggarliness is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. When Alex vacuums near Mr.. Beggarliness he hisses, arches his back, and swats at the vacuum cleaner. Alex has noticed that now, as soon as she gets the vacuum cleaner out, even if it is off, Mr.. Beggarliness starts growling. Is this an example of operant or classical condo action inning? Diagram the example.

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Behaviorism Assignment
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This example is classical conditioning: US Sound/closeness of vacuum hissing/growling s –11 CRY Sight of vacuum hissing/growling Case 3: Brian went to a friend’s wedding and met a very attractive man, Ben, at her table. They had a great time talking and dancing throughout the evening. The last dance was to a song by the Dave Matthews Band. Ben and Brian have since “friend” each other on their backbone pages and called a few times. Brian now finds herself smiling and happy whenever she hears a Dave Matthews song.

Is this an example of operant or classical conditioning?

Diagram the example. Example is classical conditioning: Dancing to Dave Matthews song Smiling and happy CSS –0 CRY Hearing Dave Matthews song Smiling and happy Case 4: Chris is bitten by the neighbor’s wiener dog. Now whenever she sees a dog in the neighborhood, she becomes afraid and runs away. She still enjoys petting her own family’s cocker spaniel. Is this an example of operant or classical conditioning? US –0 Bitten by neighbor dog becomes afraid Seeing a neighborhood dog becomes afraid and runs away What other behavioral concepts are demonstrated in this example (e. . Eng. Ref. , extinction, stimulus generalization, stimulus discrimination, etc. )? Explain. This is also an example of discrimination- Chris can distinguish between different stimuli. After being bitten by the wiener dog (US), Chris shows she has learned to distinguish between dogs in the neighborhood and her own pet cocker spaniel. Case 5: Molly is in the grocery store with her dad. As they near the checkout lane, Molly starts whining for a candy bar but her dad says no. Molly begins to cry and cries louder when her dad continues to refuse.

At the checkout lane, in front of the cashier, Molly throws herself onto the floor and begins screaming. Her dad responds by grabbing a candy bar and giving it to her. She quickly quiets down and eats her candy bar. This pattern of behavior is repeated on subsequent trips to the grocery store. Is this an example of operant or classical conditioning? Diagram the example as it applies to Molly. Behavior is throw a tantrum–O Positive Reinforcement is getting a candy bar What consequence is her father receiving? Her dad receives a calm and quiet child.

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