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Life is a lesson built up of the experiences one brushes and the challenges they face. One begins as a newborn and from the minute of sensible understanding, their life is what they make it to be. In order for one to turn one must see life as the years flow frontward so non to put themselves in another’s places and lose an experience because of it. There is a ground why people organize others in “age groups” : so that they will turn together through the illustrations each one set. Expecting to turn decently and larn what one must when set in an unfamiliar coeval is as if seeking to learn an individual to walk through the illustration of a whale-both are mammals but are impossible to compare. This is apparent in Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader where fifteen-year-old Michael Berg is involved in a close intense and passionate relationship with thirty-six-year-old Hanna Schmitz.

Hanna is taking the relationship so much so that when they fight regardless of who is right or incorrect. Michael ever gives in and apologizes in fright offring her. He ne’er stands up for himself. As clip progresses. Michael takes it upon himself to be present and affect himself in Hanna’s trail. Once Michael figures out the secret Hanna is concealing he is thrown into complete confusion on whether to assist Hanna and how to put to death this. After the tests. towards the terminal of the novel. Michael is still diffident of how to specify his relationship with Hanna. The passionate close relationship that Hanna imposes on Michael stunts his development which leads to the confusion that dominates his life.

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The audience is exposed in The Reader. to Michael’s deficiency of accomplishment in supporting himself against Hanna due to the strength of the relationship shared with her and the power of age and sexual laterality she uses to her advantage.

“You want to make it with me in the tram excessively? Kid. kid”…I had non merely lost this battle. I had caved in after a short battle when she threatened to direct me off and keep back herself. ( Schlink. 49 )

Here the reader witnesses Hanna’s control in the relationship and how Michael doesn’t dare argue in fright of fring her and what she offers. Even further into their relationship when the reader imagines Michael has grown. Hanna’s power is obviously stronger and although Michael is uneasy about giving in to her he does in fright of losing her and of her non desiring him.

Then when I proceeded to acquire crabbed myself and we started a battle and Hanna treated me like a nonexistence the fright of losing her returned and I humbled myself and begged her forgiveness until she took me back. But I was filled with bitterness. ( Schlink. 73 )

Through the relationship and its strength. Michael is unable to turn and larn to stand up for himself. He is excessively dependent on Hanna and the idea of non being with her is dismaying to him.

A important sum of clip has passed between portion 1 and portion 2 where the reader is cognizant of Hanna’s going from Michael and her following brush with him, when she is on test for war offenses committed during the Holocaust. Michael is sitting in on these tests for a jurisprudence class he is taking when he encounters Hanna as a suspect. Michael feels obligated due to their past relationship and takes it upon himself to be present and affect himself in the test.

I did non lose a individual twenty-four hours of the test. The other pupils were surprised. The professor was pleased that one of us was doing certain that the following group learned what the last 1 had heard and seen. ( Schlink. 99 )

The test is non traveling to well for Hanna it is apparent to the reader and to Michael that she is concealing something. With farther probe Michael learns of Hanna’s deficiency of instruction how she can’t read nor write. Hanna is illiterate. Michael is confused and frustrated on what to make with this cognition. Should Michael expose this secret to the justice and salvage Hanna from being sent to prison? Should Michael consult with Hanna foremost? Michael is diffident of the duty he has towards her at this point and of how to move on the state of affairs.

Talk to Hanna? What would I say to her? That I had seen through her womb-to-tomb prevarication? That she was in the procedure of giving her whole life to this cockamamie prevarication? That the prevarication wasn’t worth the forfeit? That was why she should fight non to stay in prison any longer than she had to because there was so much she could still make with her life afterward? Could I strip her of her womb-to-tomb prevarication without opening some vision of hereafter to her? I had no thought what might be nor did I cognize how to confront her and state that after what she had done it was right that her short- and medium-term hereafter would be a prison. I didn’t cognize how to confront her and state anything at all I didn’t cognize how to confront her. ( Schlink. 143 )

Here the reader is able to infer the unbelievable confusion Michael is traveling through due to his yesteryear premature relationship with Hanna. Michael is a jurisprudence pupil and merely when the reader thought he was over Hanna and off organize her she springs right back into his life. and is now troubled with the question of how to assist her and if he should at all.

Michael decides non to expose Hanna’s “lifelong lie” and Hanna is imprisoned. Michael’s life goes on but non without the idea of Hanna from clip to clip. Michael marries and has a kid but this matrimony fails for Michael has been so involved with Hanna and so profoundly embedded with her that he can non hold another relationship remotely like it. The strength of the relationship is excessively much for Michael to bury which plays as a disability for Michael throughout his life.

I could ne’er halt comparing the manner it was with Gertrude and the manner it had been with Hanna once more and once more. Gertrude and I would keep each other and I would experience that something was incorrect smelled incorrect and tasted incorrect. I thought I would acquire over it. I hoped it would travel off. I wanted to be free of Hanna. But I ne’er got over the feeling that something was incorrect. ( Schlink. 173 )

Michael’s further relationships fail every bit good. Michael still thinks of the test and of Hanna’s true guilt. Michael is diffident of who is guilty of what took topographic point during the Holocaust and wishes non to believe it was Hanna, his Hanna.

I had to indicate at Hanna. But the finger I pointed at her turned back to me. I had loved her. Not merely had I loved her. I had chosen her. I tried to state myself that I had known nil of what she had done when I chose her. I tried to speak myself into the province of artlessness. ( Schlink. 170 )

It is apparent to the reader that Michael is diffident of his complete engagement with Hanna and of his ain affecting guilt because of it. Michael at this point is unsure of what he genuinely owes Hanna. if he owes Hanna. The relationship Michael and Hanna experienced was so intense that throughout his full life Michael was confused of the duty of his position…of his ulterior engagement with Hanna.

“I was really interested in the test. ”

“You were really interested in the test? ” He laughed once more. “The test or the suspect you were ever gazing at…He talked and talked but I knew he would acquire back to me finally and inquire: “So what was traveling on between you and the suspect? And I didn’t cognize what to reply how to bewray confess parry…then we were at the entryway of the graveyard and he asked. A tram was merely drawing away…I called out “bye ” and ran off… ( Schlink. 178 )

Here the reader exhibits Michael’s confusion and defeats with the subject of Hanna and his engagement with her so much so that he runs off literally from the inquiry.

The passionate close relationship that Hanna imposes on Michael stunts his development which leads to the confusion that dominates his life. Bernhard Schlink exposes this to the reader through turn outing that Hanna is in control of immature Michael so much so that when they argued Michael ever took the incrimination and apologized in fright of losing Hanna. Further Schlink illustrates. how even old ages subsequently when Michael is in jurisprudence school and has been removed from Hanna one time he sees her once more she apparently still has that powerful impact on Michael. This is when the reader learns of how accomplished Michael is due the relationship with Hanna and how baffled it makes him about his bing duties to her. To reason Schlink illustrates how Michael has a trouble in specifying his relationship with Hanna and what he owes her. What one does in their younger old ages is what builds them to be who they are in the hereafter. One must populate their life as it comes unrecorded on the border but non over it. Take opportunities and challenges but nonderanged darings. One must populate in their coevals in order to come on. Populating in the past slows one down life in the future skips 1s lesson and populating in the present is the lone manner to win. Don’t let clip travel faster so it is…Live your life.

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