Beyonce Knowles Biography and Life Story Essay

She is interested in song writing, painting, fashion, swimming and exercising - Beyonce Knowles Biography and Life Story Essay introduction. Beyonce Knowles is famous as she is a great singer and dancer. She makes records and songs, and has acted in quite a lot of movies. She also has her very own fashion designing job, which keeps her busy in free time. I chose Beyonce for my autobiography because she is a very talented and well mannered young lady that everyone knows about. Family Life Beyonce started her singing and acting career when she was only seven years old. She worked hard and was determined to reach her goal of being a singer.

She went through many twists and turns but made it out successfully. Her mother, Tina used to work at a bank but moved on to making her very own salon, which was a dream come true. Beyonce’s father, Mathew was working as a salesman. Her parent’s hard work showed Beyonce that if you want to be successful in life, you had to work hard. Childhood At school Beyonce was usually shy, nervous and had a reputation of being known as ‘the quiet girl. ‘ She was quite a chubby girl and really worried about what she looked like. She usually wore clothes that were ‘tomboy style.

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‘ She was known as a good student that worked hard in class and had excellent manners in school. She wasn’t friends with any students in her class which made her feel left out. Page 2 I her boredom she found the one thing that she loved was singing and dancing. Beyonce’s sister, Solange, is also a singer and dancer. She follows Beyonce as a role model and Solange and Beyonce both sing and dance together in free time. Education As she grew older she attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas, but later on moved on to her singing career.

After high school she didn’t attend university, because she had realized that her new found goal was to become a singer. Beyonce also states,” I’ve had the responsibility since I was 15 of someone who is 25 or 30, so now I have a lot of pressure. I employ a lot of people, I make a lot of adult decisions, and that has forced me to grow up faster,”www. geocities. com/celebs_1/beyonce. This is what stopped her from going to university-she was too busy. At the end Beyonce went through high school successfully. Teenage years Beyonce went through a tough and exciting teenage life.

Beyonce claims that she adored music all the way from when she was young. As a teenager she had already sung a lot of songs and is still making more. She had a perfect life of singing, dancing and fun but when Beyonce was 14 a tragedy occurred- her parents divorced. Later on her parents solved their issues and became reunited once again. It was in her teenage years that she also decided to start being healthy and cut down the junk food. She also started going for walks everyday at their local park. Page 3 Life before fame Beyonce’s life before fame was fun and easy-going.

While she was little she loved listening to music and dancing. She would learn new songs at school and then sing them to her mother. At the age of seven she started taking dance classes. Her parents believed that it was the best way for Beyonce to meet new people. Beyonce’s teacher, Miss Darlett was amazed with Beyonce’s talent. She suggested that Beyonce should start performing at talent shows. This was the beginning of a whole new world for Beyonce. Working hard and singing all the time is what led her to her amazing life.

Why is Beyonce Knowles famous and career Beyonce Knowles is known world wide for her amazing singing and acting. She has made lots of albums, some songs included in many movies such as Men in Black, Why do Fools Fall in Love, The Best Man, Romeo Must Die, Charlie’s Angels, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Bad Boys 2 and The Fighting Temptations. Beyonce is also one of the most famous performers in the world. She is beautiful and wealthy and has achieved so much success with her singing and acting. She also won many Grammy Awards, for her singing talent.

She won an amazing five Grammy Awards, in February 2004. Beyonce’s long life career of singing and dancing never seems to end, as her fame revolves around this. Beyonce was famous from a very young age. She achieved great success in her songs. As a baby, she would try to dance before she could even walk, which led her to her famous career. Page 4 She’s also famous for her beautiful looks but claims that looks aren’t everything. She states that it was her awesome singing voice and singing performances that led to her fame.

Extra details on Beyonce Knowles Beyonce Knowles has many famous singers that inspired her to her singing career. Her favorite singers are Aaliyah, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Beyonce’s friends and family usually called her by her nickname which was” Bee. ” Beyonce also inherited her name from her mother’s maiden-whose name was Beyonce. Beyonce Knowles now has a relationship with Jay-Z. Jay-Z also sings in one of Beyonce’s songs-Crazy in Love.

There were rumors going around that the two were engaged. What I admire about Beyonce Knowles I admire that Beyonce Knowles is a strong, passionate woman. She is a wonderful singer and dancer. She always works hard and that’s what led her to her fame. She has good respect for people and that’s why I chose her. Conclusion I have learnt a lot by doing this autobiography on Beyonce Knowles. Not only have I learnt that she is a good singer but I have also learnt how she reached her career. I learnt a lot about her family and her childhood years too.

I found out that she didn’t go to university but went to The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. The reason why I picked Beyonce was because I knew a little bit about her but wanted to know more. I found a lot about her that I didn’t know before. Page5 Bibliography The sources that I used for my autobiography were books and two websites: Books-Hodgson, Nicola. 2005, Star Files-Beyonce Knowles Tracy, Kathleen. 2005, Beyonce Websites-www. beyonceonline. com www. geocities. com/celebs_1/beyonce Page 6

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