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Large Fish is a narrative about a adult male. Edward Bloom. who is a brilliant narrative Teller. and his son—William Bloom—who has a score against these narratives. The film was directed by Tim Burton in 2003. which he based off the Big Fish book written in 1988 by Daniel Wallace. Throughout the film we see non merely the present life of Edward Bloom. but the many past narratives of his childhood and grownup life. We are besides introduced to several other characters including the younger version of Edward Bloom. Edward’s wife—Sandra. and Will’s wife— Penelope. The narratives told in the film are in Edward’s point of position. and we get many glances of where. what. and who Edward has done and met throughout his life. These scope from traveling to a witch’s house and seeing his clip and ground for decease. to being in a circus. and even to falling in love with his present married woman Sandra.

This movie was non merely entertaining for me. but it besides tugged at my bosom. which makes me like it even more. I love films that give you a life lesson or act upon your life positively. I besides liked how the manager bounced back and Forth between the present life of Edward Bloom. and the past life of Edward. It made the plot line interesting and complicated. but in a manner that was still easy to follow along and understand. Overall I felt like this film was relatable and all sorts of people would wish to watch this film. I give Large Fish a hole-in-one!

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One cardinal portion of the film that made every scene interesting was the playing of Albert Finney or the grown-up version of Edward Bloom. I could ne’er think what he was believing or what he was traveling to state following. Particularly toward the terminal of the film when everyone merely wanted to cognize if his narratives were true or non. I could ne’er state. He was so serious. but non serious plenty to be chilling or average. His character in my sentiment was of course sympathetic. For illustration in the film when he was stating his narratives to Penelope in the sleeping room. it reminded me of when my pa would state me narratives about his childhood. and it gave me something to smile approximately. The things he went through in life—like falling in love—made him easy to understand. he made me laugh. and he came across as a gramps or dad figure that made him relatable.

Another portion of the film that I found interesting was how the character of William Bloom evolved throughout the film. At the beginning of the film Will was full of bitterness and choler towards his pa. He was frustrated that he believed all of his narratives turning up. and all this clip he thought they were 100 % true. You could state that during his nuptials he was frustrated that his pa was taking his spotlight—the one dark that he had to hold all the attending. Then another clip in the sleeping room scene with his male parent. we see Will go defeated that his pa won’t open up to him about his existent life. As the film went on. we see Will get down to understand why his pa created these large over the top narratives to travel along with his life. At the terminal of the film I feel like Edward really becomes a portion of Will. He begins to state narratives of his ain to his boy and go a narrative Teller merely like his male parent was.

I besides felt like the manager did a really good occupation making the right temper throughout the film. During the film I could experience the choler Will had towards his male parent. This particularly was evident at Will’s nuptials. But in other cases. I could experience the love Will had for his male parent. This was obvious when Will drank the remainder of his father’s nutrition drink. In a simple manner. Will was demoing that he loved his male parent by covering up that his male parent truly didn’t drink all of it. Another strong emotion I felt was unhappiness. In certain parts of the film. I felt like I was easy losing my ain male parent with Will. Sandra. and Penelope. I felt the same emotions the characters were experiencing because the film created the perfect scenes that allowed me to easy understand what they were traveling through and allowed me to experience the same emotions they were experiencing.

Overall this film was the perfect balance between comedy. unhappiness. and amusement. I love how the film tugged at my bosom strings and I could link with everything the film characters were experiencing and traveling through. I loved watching the characters evolve into better people by the terminal of the film and the playing of the characters was fantastic. This is a film all sorts of people would love to watch and I give it an A asset! I hope you will bask this film merely every bit much as I did.

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