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Ailyn is a individual female parent of 6 old ages old male child. The male parent of her boy died after she gave birth. they are non married because her spouse is married to another adult female. Ailyn is the eldest among her brother and sister. The male parent of Ailyn died when she is in class 6 simple. One of a good friend of her male parent offered a aid in her survey but she did non accepted it and alternatively she find a occupation to assist her female parent. After 6 old ages her female parent unrecorded with another adult male. and got pregnant. the same twelvemonth when he got pregnant to her 1st kid. Currently she is populating with her fellow and her female parent is now separated to its hubby.

VI. Statement of the Problem

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Continuous increasing of figure of twosomes in the Philippines populating together without acquiring married.

VII. AnalysisFamily“Other sociologist and anthropologist define the household as a group of people who are united by ties of matrimony. lineage. or acceptance. and who are reorganized by the community as representing a individual family and as holding duty for rise uping children” ( sociology. palispis )

Mention above the household is a group of people united by ties of matrimony. we filipino considered matrimony is of import in constructing household. but at the present the figure of twosomes populating together increasing rampant. like what go oning to Ailyn. her female parent unrecorded with another cat without matrimony and as a consequence he did non recognize the of import of matrimony in making a household.


“Education gives us cognition of the universe around us. It develops in us a position of looking at a life. It helps us construct sentiments and gave points of position on things in life. ” ( World Wide Web. buzzle. com ) Mention above instruction gives us cognition of the universe around us. in the instance of Ailyn she does non have a good instruction. alternatively of increasing his cognition in fixing in life. she work hard in order to gain money for her household.


Today there is called “Kasalang Bayan” . sponsored by different private and some public sectors. but still it is non widely unfastened. Usually it is held in chosen barangays and day of the month. Religion

“For the foundation of the Christian household is Christian matrimony. you can non organize Christian households without Christian matrimony. ” ( Bacani ) Mention above the matrimony is the foundation of Christian household. and as a Christian state we believe that God approval is really of import in making a happy household. In instance of Ailyn did non cognize what the importance of matrimony is in Christian life. because she does non see it in her female parent and in the environment around her

Philippines: More Couples Populating Together Without MarriageSubmitted by marierelucio on October 12. 2012 – 12:30 autopsy MANILA. Oct. 11. 2012— Filipino household life has changed drastically as matrimony is losing land and more twosomes live together without binding the knot. This means that a turning figure of kids are born in the state with single parents. The determination comes after a study figures showed that most Filipinos populating with person have non tied the knot in the church. Commissioned by the Manila archdiocese-run Radio Veritas. the survey that was conducted during the 2nd one-fourth of 2012. showed findings that alarmed even the church leaders. The study showed that 57. 7 per centum of the 2. 500 Catholic respondents were found to be unmarried in churches. Using random sampling. the “Truth Survey” was conducted in 85 archdioceses and bishoprics covering the country’s 17 parts for the subject “The Filipino Catholicity. It has a +/-2 per centum border of mistake.

The consequence of the countrywide study consequences were released Thursday. in line with the church’s jubilation of the Year of Faith. In dislocation. 7. 5 per centum of the respondents openly admitted that they are non married in churches while another 50. 2 per centum did non answer. But sociologist Bro. Clifford Sorita. who presented the survey in a imperativeness conference. believed that those who answered “N/A” ( non applicable ) were single and merely “shy” to acknowledge it. “For Filipinos. if you are married. why would you non state that you are married? They are embarrassed. they are non comfy. They would instead conceal in namelessness. ” said Sorita. mentioning to those who did non answer. He said there is besides a possibility that a part of those who answered “no” might be married in civil rites or life in together. therefore might even add to the turning figure of Catholic twosomes who are live togethering. Harmonizing to him. a civil nuptials was non considered as a “marriage” since “the principle is you have to be married in a church. ” The canvass besides showed that for those belonging to salary category D or those early P4. 999 and below. there were 47 per centum who said they got married in the Church.

This could be attributed to the Mass nuptialss organized by assorted local authoritiess or organisations to assist those in fiscal battle to have the Sacrament of Matrimony. Retired Novaliches Bishop Teodoro Bacani. frailty president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines – Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Faith. lamented the findings of the study. He said the study merely confirmed what he has known all along and demands for “serious pastoral concern. ” “The study consequences show the demand for an apostolate to acquire Catholic twosomes to acquire married in the church. For the foundation of the Christian household is Christian matrimony. you can non organize Christian households without Christian matrimony. ” said Bacani. CBCP Media Office manager Monsignor Pedro Quitorio III. for his portion. said the consequences of the study is “very alarming” . He even lamented that many single twosomes continue to have Holy Communion during Masses even if they were non married in the Church. “The Catholic Church would hold to concentrate on this job ( non married in Churches ) . This is a serious job and we have to make something. ” Quitorio said. ( RL/CBCPNews )

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