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“How would you feel if you were segregated from people?” Well Rosa Parks was. She was segregated from most of the places she went and things she did in her lifetime. Rosa Parks and other people did not believe in any segregation. She devoted her life to end segregation and now is remembered as a peace and justice hero. Who is she? She was a civil rights activist. She did lots of amazing things. One of the great things she done was refused to surrender her seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama. She has also been awarded many awards in her lifetime.

Rosa Parks was once little just like us. She was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee Alabama. Her full name is Rosa Louise McCavley. She has both a mother and a father there names are James and Leona but they separated when she was two. She did’t just experiance things like racial discrimination when she was older it started in her early childhood and it impacted her furture. Rosa Parks died in Detroit, Michigan. She died at the age of 92 of dementia that she had for a couple years. Everyone has their own rights to make decisions and also have responsibilities. Rosa Parks was a great example of this. She had a right and she used it. She decided not to give up her bus seat Rosa Parks is a good example of this key theme. She never gave up on knowing what the right thing was and she did what was right. She is also responsible to humanity.

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The biggest thing in her life that she is famous for justice is when she would not give up her seat to a white passenger. She was sitting in the colored row and the diver asked her to give up her seat so she refused to. If your a colored person is asked to give up their bus seat and they would say no they would get arrested. When the bus driver asked Rosa she said I don’t think I should stand up. The driver called the police and she was taken to jail but later that night she was bailed out. Since this happened African Americans were asked to stay off the city buses for a little. When they stayed off for a little while they saw a lot of empty space on the bus. When they were not taking the buses they either carpooled, took cabs, or walked to their work.

The state of the world has not always been good. When she was alive, there was lots of segregation for people of color. Segregation is the practice of requiring separate housing, education, and other services for people of color. It was enforced by a series of southern laws. Another event that happened in her life time was the great depression it focused on homes for white families and small amount was black families. But the House and the Senate passed a civil rights bill outlawing discrimination in 1875.

How peace and justice go together. They go together because if you have peace you have to have justice. Peace and justice give us freedom in our choices and actions. Rosa Parks stood up for herself and did not give up her seat on the bus she was on. She did this because she believed that she could sit there and she shouldn’t have to move. Throughout her life she has been awarded many different awards. One of her highest awards was the NAACP. This was awarded for ​colored people to honor outstanding performances in film. She also got the Martian Luther King Jr. award she got this for doing things like he did to make a difference. She has been awarded all these because of the great things she has done to show other people their rights and they can stand up for what is right.

As you can see she is a great role model for everyone. She did great things and was awarded for the things she did. We still know and learn about her to this day. Rosa Parks is a great person and she helped segregation with colored people. She taught people that you should stand up for what is right and that you should do the right thing. That was my peace and justice hero and how she helped the world.


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