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Rosa Parks and Racism

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    Have you ever thought that if you were black or white people now would be treated right because you have a different skin and if you had a dream to be a doctor or whatever you could because the other type of skin people would let you work there.

    Frist, Rosa Parks made a favor for all if she never stood up for as this day would never be the same. There were kids who went to school for blacks and there were kids who went to the whites school. Black people couldn’t be what they wanted to be. Instead, they had to do a specific job. Rosa park die on october 24 2005 because she refuses to give up her seat and before she died she got people to treat one another the way they would you would like to be treated.

    Next, one day boycott a group of 16 to 18 people gathered at the MT Zion Bank Ame Zion church to discuss boycott strategies at that time parks was intrasies but not asked to speak despite a standing ovation and calls from the crowd for her when she asked if she should say something the reply was why you’re said enough. She help counter she help the Virginia Pearl District Council to help rebuild of the only black owned shopping center in the country of Virginia she even took part in black power movement at feeding the philadelphia black power conference and in the black political convention in gary indiana also supported and visited the Black Panther school in Oakland.

    Last, many Detroit black parks remain particularly concerned about housing issues she live in the neighborhood Virginia park which had been compromised by highway construction and urban renewal. In the 1960’s, these policies had destroyed 10,000 structures in Detroit dis placing 43,096 people, 70 percent of the African American Rosa Parks live just a mile from the epicenter of the riot that took place in Detroit in 1967 and she considered housing disorimination a major factor that provoked the disorder.

    Conclusion, if Rosa Parks never study up it will be different for every white and black person this day would not be the same people would not be treated right will all be built, heart no one would have peas. so if Rosa never study up for her day this day and other day would be different they would be all treat wrong. It was not just Rosa that did a change there was a lot more they got tired of seeing people getting hurt, build and treat wrong.

    In my opinion rasa park and the other person that study up did the right thing and it not just me it all lot of other people that appreciated them for what they did to make a change if we all came together we could make a change for everyone people would be built by their skin color you no what i think even they people that are mean could even make a change they could make people happy and they could see how well we all can make a change and difference.

    First, Parks courageous act and the subsequent Montgomery Bus Boycott led to the integration of public transportation in Montgomery. Her actions were not without consequence. She was jailed for refusing to give up her seat and lost her job for participating in the boycott. Parks courageous act and the subsequent Montgomery Bus Boycott led to the integration of public transportation in Montgomery.

    Next, park and another Montgomery resident and a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People naacp, was traveling home on the bus. She had consequences for refuse and i think she had the right because she come tired from working so she didn’t want to go to the back and i think she had the right and she lost her job and i say that it went to for and she the right thing to refuse even if she lost her job she stop what was happening the weight person needs to understand that if they want to be treated with respect they need to treat one another the way they would like to be treated.

    Last, if rosa park didn’t stop this weight and black school or that they could work in a wight school or they could be whatever they want to be they would still be treated wrong all weight and black have dificlos and if person did nothing they would be all treat wrong they all would have peace like i said before if you don’t want to be treated the way right now make a stand and say stop they need to understand all of as need to realize you are herding people we need to make a change were cherting people wrong.

    Conclusion, rosa parks and people that make a change we should say to them thank you scream it people made a change for ever little one if they did nothing this day wouldn’t be as today rosa park got fired for refusing but she wants everything to stop people were beginning to build to them weight people had the power but if famous people did nothing how would this day be like they had there change they stop what was going on people were treated wrong how would you feel if you were treated wrong not very good right even weight people were treated wrong but let me say something they would not do anything if you did it and a lot of people go do it but we need to say what did i ever did to you you need to defend yourself .

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